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  • Our District Manager is on the terminal hiring panel for Central and has access to staffing numbers from the ARTCCs - according to the numbers, in general ARTCCs exceed their staffing targets more than terminal
    Hey there. Saw your posts regarding ZAU, and was curious to see if you're hired there already. I'm trying to get some info in regards to where people on SM are getting the information from, be it they work at ZAU, spoke with a HR rep, etc etc.

    Sorry - but I have 3 new hires in the que with TOLs going back to 8/2008 with no OKC school dates. Next week I am picking up a March 09 C90 new hire (OTS) on an ERR - which will put us over 120% of staffing target. This will be the third new hire (two VRAs and one OTS) that were initially assigned to ATC-11/12s - ARTCCs and Terminal, that are now properly placed.
    I figured I'd wait until I know the "IL" status is permanent before I changed the name (and had to change it back if things don't work out).

    By the way, there's a real nice guy named Ranjit going to RFD in January. He's excited to start there and should make a good developmental (especially in the TRACON).
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