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  • Hey there! I'm leaving for Navy boot camp pretty soon and I have a chance at either Aircrew or Air Traffic Control. I'm 27 so future FAA work is out for me, but I've got a wife and kid so Aircrew's travel schedule might be a little rough.

    Any suggestions?
    Tee Times next week end are 1007 on Saturday and 1000 on Sunday. When you check in ask Guest Services to sign you up.

    The RedBaron
    Getting excited? Have ya'll started looking at places in Abilene yet? I've just been looking at apartments online. A few people have told me that the southwest area is the nicest part of Abilene.
    I think it means just part of Abilene will be shutting down. I still think we are going there... we may just not be staying too long. I really have no idea. That's just my guess. Either that or a lot of the other Abilene people will be moving off.
    Don't know if you saw this posted on my page. I haven't found anything else about it, but ya'll may not want to buy a house either!!! I asked Mr. Texas if he knew anyone from ABI/how many ppl worked there and this was his response:
    Not really sure what ABI's staffing looks like, but I do know some of there CPC's bid out on places like AUS, ABQ, SAT, and CRP recently. ABI approach is moving to Dallas at the end of don't by a house!
    I think i'm still going to Abilene. I haven't gotten my FOL yet and Em didn't say when she called to give me the good news. Congrats on getting yours. I know your excited. See you there
    I was originally scheduled to go there. I was told Oct 09 class at the academy. That didn't happen. She hasn't really given me any updates on what to expect. I know my drug test expired and she told me not to worry about it until she got me a class date. Not too encouraging is it? Even less encouraging to know there are people in line ahead of me to get into Abilene.
    I saw you got redirected to Abilene. That's where I'm scheduled to go. Have you gotten any updates? EM is my HR rep too. I got my TOL last April. Haven't heard much since then
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