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  • I liked it, I resigned only because of pay - and maybe a bit of an early life crisis. The pay is bettter under the red book though and CIP is back which helps. I haven't heard anything about a bonus other than that for working there; I haven't talked to any of the controllers there for a couple of months. ASE deserves one since its a level 5 and in a very expensive area. It is absolutely beautiful, the tower is fun to work in, usually very busy or very slow. 30 ops or more an hour means you have planes waiting on the ground and talk pretty nonstop because ASE runs opposite direction traffic routine. If you like the outdoors and don't mind being more poor than other controllers its a great place.
    I actually just got my medical records Monday, so hopefully it doesn't take the faa a long time to medically clear me and set up a class date!!!! Totally stoked!!!

    At least with your year wait you can get everything you need done in order, save some money and get a really nice house in Denver when you get out there. You have to look on the bright side of life!!!
    You should like Denver, it's a nice area, but does that extend your processing time before you get your FOL? I haven't heard anything myself, cause the VA has decided to take their precious little time:(
    Yeah, call him/her!! Someone in a thread said that it's best to call on a Wednesday, I tend to call sporadically that way he won't know when not to pick up the phone...LOL

    So far the clearance process goes, I finally got an email from someone saying that my med clearance didn't go through cause they need my records from the VA, so more time wait for me as well. The VA is always screwing shit up so I'm fucked. But other than that life is pretty sweet.
    Dude, that is not being corny! I have been thinking the same thing. I was actually going to write that the videos got me all hyped up and ready to go and work, but I thought that would have been corny...hee hee Oh well, three cheers to cornballs everywhere:cheers: That's cool that you have friends there, at least you have folks to show you around and let you in on the low down of the area, like where to look to live, where to hangout, and stuff like that. I have to go there and make my own way around, but that's cool I'm a big girl:smoking: I'm a military brat, so I have friends all over that I haven't seen in years, and this is the perfect place/a perk, because it's where they all want to come and
    That's definitely true about houses there. At first I was looking to just rent, but the price is pretty steep, so it's much better to own. Especially with the prices of these houses there, and they are really nice places too. :multi: I could also wait since I have a job, it's not a good job because it's not challenging in any way, but it's something to help pay the bills. I can't wait to get to the tower, I've been watching the videos of the facility there and getting very excited...:drool: But the one's on Flicker, from gtarded and tossmeanote, are the only photos I've been able to find of inside the tower. So do your friends that are there do atc as well?
    :banghead: I haven't moved yet, I'm going to continue working here till perhaps a week before I start the Academy, whenever that is. But I do agree with you that maybe LAS is on hold for classes, cause I called last Wednesday. I was getting a little anxious, and the lady said that my HR rep was waiting for a class date and that he should be getting in contact soon. At the LA PEPC, the HR rep there said to not expect to start till September, so maybe we won't hear anything back till it's going to be closer to that time whenever we are supposed to start. Which kinda sucks, I want to at least know that I'm getting in for sure and know when I have to go even if it may be next year, so I can plan and save for moving, you know? Cause I reading to TOL and it say that they'll pay for going to OKC but no pcs expenses for moving to our duty location. :svengo:
    OH MY GOSH!!! What a freaking coincidence, I work at Lowe AHP in the Operations office! So what aircraft were you training for, cause that looks like an UH-60 in the pic? This is a small world, well the military world is small anyhow. If it was for blackhawks we've definitely met:hurray:

    Lucky you're not still here:rotf: I think the only good thing about it here is the fact that that PC is only an hour and a half away, although that gets tiring after awhile and 25c wings on wednesday.
    I debated on doing the same thing, because it was held all the way in LA and I live in south Alabama, but I figured it would be easier to do everything all at the same time.

    No, I haven't talked to anyone there, have you? I'm thinking about scheduling a tour. Some of the other folks in the forums recommend it. It does seem like it would be a great idea. To answer the other question, I do have prior experience. I did ATC in the Air Force.

    Do you have prior experience or were you CTI?
    I don't have my class date either, the HR person at PEPC was just saying that it may be September for the next possible classdate. When was your PEPC date? Mine was 1/27/09, and I still haven't gotten the FOL yet. It is making me edgy the way they take so long to do things.:beerflag:
    :hithere: So, when are you going to be going to the academy? As of right now, I may be there in September. It's always good to get know those you will be possibly training with and working with:party:
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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