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  • Still have the en route map? Co worker's nephew is going back to the academy and asked me if I still had it.
    Hey I'm Rachelle I have a TOL for enroute in Jan. was wondering if you could email me a pic of the map please! I know you get this message a lot but i'd greatly appreciate it.
    Hey man if you ever come around here anymore would you mind shooting me an email or text?
    Hey, do you think you could email me that academy map you have? I graduated terminal and got picked up en route and am a little nervous about learning all the new stuff. thanks.
    Hey, How are you? I have a question if you can answer it please. Im going to training school for ATC it called Advanced ATC and its a CTO program. Do you think I should go to a CTI program school?
    Thank you
    What's up man? How's everything been out their at L30? Any closer to boise or idaho?Hope all is well
    Liar. Map memorization is anything but fun. "Soon" the fun begins.

    I'm in 6 and 16. Listen for TK. Nice to know at least one voice on the other end.
    You're still at Vegas TRACON, right? Looks like we'll be talking to each other some soon.

    I'm using "soon" as a relative term, btw.
    Was wondering if you could please inbox me a copy of the center maps. thanks a mil.
    Yes, it would be awesome to at least know someone even if only a little. I don't know where Im staying, cause I've been limited to looking around online. I've been contingently hired since October but the FAA and Raytheon are hammering out some kind of new budget for the year so I should be getting a start date shortly. I have been looking around a lot in Sumerlin. Thanks again for the reply and hope to talk soon. -Michael
    Hey boss how are you? I've read a bunch of your posts, and realize your at L30. I've been tentatively hired as a Remote Pilot Operator out there by Raytheon. Im from, and currently in New York so its quite the ways away but excited nonetheless. I was just wondering if when you get a chance, let me know how you like it out there, and how the facility is. Im sure you got your hands full out there but any information ( living, facility, maybe even a good gym) would be greatly appreciated.- Michael.
    Can you give me some advice on how I could get more government students? email me at Thanks for your time
    Was wondering if you could send me a copy of the ZAE aerospace map. Email, would be much appreciated.
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