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  • Roddy,

    I understand you were a developmental who left the FAA but managed to get reinstated? How did you do it?

    I have a buddy of mine who used to work with me at ZDC then left the FAA. He is now in PA looking to get reinstated into a tower.

    Any and all information or tips would be greatly appreciated!


    ATC@ZDC (Retired)
    Thanks for the information you gave me about when to apply for contract tower jobs. I see IWA has two openings right now, do you know how often openings are posted for IWA? I love the Phoenix area and seeing the traffic count you guys post on Airnav I would think that would be a dream job for me. I want a place that has a lot of traffic, the retired military guys at Eglin where I work now say that's how everyone thinks when they're young though. Well, thanks again!

    Jed Foster
    Hello there...I am fairly new to ATC and I was wondering if you had time to answer a few question for me...You seem to have a lot of knowledge in this field. I am trying to learn as much as I can here, but some of this stuff is way over my head. If you wouldn't mind, email me so I can ask away...Email address: I appreciate your help...
    sup dude. Do you know a Heather Gerbitz there? Probably not. She works in the tower. I used to work with her at Nellis. I wanted to ask you about your 2152. When do you get it? By you, I mean me. I know you have it. But, being new to the agency, when do I get it? I've heard a 2 different things, but they don't know for sure.
    yeah im there at ZOA now on my last eval now that guy Al who used to work in area E is the trainer a little bit of a douche if you ask me. hopefully I will last there and the cip will definitely help.
    Dude, we're famous! This guy just got to my facility and he took a look at me and said, Uzvectorstan? I'm surprised the photo is still up there!
    No not yet, at first I was waiting for the VA to send medical records, cause I lost my copy, and now I'm just waiting for a class date.

    Are you enjoying it there? Did you opt to buy a house and if so where? I've been looking for months and can't decide which area would be best. How are the people there? And last question...Should I contact the facility manager to find out any info they may have on me going to the academy or anything regarding my status?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! :D
    Desert is hot. I get back to the states in Oct and now my training is delayed until April 2010. Awesome....
    Hey Roddy! You're the man alright! I'm so happy to have met you and best of luck at your facility. I know you will do great!!!:party:

    Thank you for the information i appreciate it. My academy date is on 7/21/2009. Ya i still remember receiving my first FOL for Oakland Center, i didn't get it until about 2 weeks before the class. How about you when is your academy date? I hope to see you at the academy for TRACON.
    Hi there...I know you've received your academy date but have you received your FOL? I'm still waiting on my FOL. I guess they don't send it out like 2 weeks before the academy date. sigh..
    She's doing well, should have ground pretty soon, they're just waiting on the no-so-standard stuff to qualify her. She's fine with the daily routine. As for dropping the bomb... well hopefully she isn't in contact with anyone there. I was letting a few people know you would be there about the same time, and she was in the tower cab, then asked "[he] is going to the FAA? Has he let Serco know?" I said I didn't know, and then she let us know of the manning situation there. So, if she's in contact with anyone there, they may know (This happened yesterday). As for drinking while I play..... well, it's just not as much fun otherwise. So when are you going to be at the Academy?
    thanks... as you can tell, I have nothing better to do with my time! well, except for booze, which I do while playing.. haha.
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