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    Thanks for the donation! Really cool...anything you need, let me know!
    We are on the same wave length! I called in sick on Mon and Tues and had Wed Thur off and AL FRI Sat and Sun. They can call me when it gets above 20 again!
    Not soon enough!!! A cold front just came through and it was like -15 during the day. So cold they canceled school!! The home land looks kind of expensive and we still have 2 mortgages...fingers crossed, there are some serious peeps right now. We may just go for a Caribbean or Mexico thing this year. Probably going next year or at least the end of this year. I will hit you up for specifics when it gets closer.

    How much longer before you hit LAS TRACON? Are they going to send you to OKC?
    Did you call L?

    Also, any idea how they deal wth the military ops area? I've been studying the aeronautical map on and it seems like the entire northwest region of the LAS map is shrouded in training areas. What's the procedure for that?

    sorry for the late reply. we might have seen each other before..haha. Well in my class it was only 2 of us, me and this other guy name Jake. I do remember when i was there i met this Asian guy he was getting reassigned to a Terminal facility, i can't remember his name. could this guy be you? lol
    Hi...I hope you get into LAS TWR. I was in area North ZOA until i resigned on August 2008. Trying to stay close to home this time, I've been reapplying under VRA for NZY/NBW or Terminal NY/NJ......Nothing so far..sigh...Is it hard for me to get pick up again? I didn't even get my first D-side. Thank You!

    Good Luck To You!!
    Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it.

    Congratulations on L30; I'm sorry that you weren't able to go exactly where you wanted. I can imagine, though, that it would be easier in the future to switch from L30 to LAS, rather than the other way around, or even from another terminal facility, maybe.

    I'm still an applicant. The referral list for my announcement will likely be out in about four to six weeks. My only geo. pref. is NV: Clark County. I've lived and breathed LAS for about 9 mos. now; I listen in many mornings, to try to voraciously pick up whatever knowledge I can.

    When I took a tour of a local center here, the NATCA rep. gave me an FAA contact, to see if I could organize an interview the non-PEPC route sooner than Jan/Feb., but they were very dismissive and told me they "don't assist individual applicants". This is, of course, contradictory to what they do in practice, though, seeing as I met someone a few weeks before who was able to interview early (for L30).
    The HR rep. the FAA contact referred me to told me flat out that x-number of people will be considered before me. It was very discouraging, though, and I'm hoping she was just...having a bad day.
    I don't mean to be intrusive, but do you have any advice at all on a way in to KLAS?

    I have my heart set on the place.
    a reinstatement.. maybe it was you had to have 52 weeks in period and had to be separated from the FAA before the closing o the announcement.
    actually i wanted ask you that. did you reapply? VRA and get LAS? Your gonna go from cold Idaho to HOT LAS? haha.. yeah sand point is barely in Idaho or the us for that matter.. but it is beautiful and i love visiting up there.. they are right on the lake and its just a wonderful place. It's my parents place. Rick's parents and well most of his family live in Jackson .. near Sacramento. Thus part of why were are trying to get to NCT.

    we are hoping for a boy.. I actually tried Jeffrey because that's Rick's dads name.. but hes worried about my part of the family getting angry..
    Hey Roddy I know exactly who you are! How is Idaho? We miss you around here your smiling face! How's the family adjusting to Idaho life? My hubby and I'll be up in Sand Point for Christmas. Plus we are expecting our first child! So things are great here!
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