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    Maintain Visual Separation?

    really? your gonna lose credibility here. runway separation is the question. visual is what happens later. still 3, 4.5, 6/full runway. visual is for successive departures. for arrivals it still depends on actual separation. doh
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    Fantasy Football 2013

    i'm in if u guys start one and need a player. for what it's worth i ended up undefeated in the first stuckmic fantasy football league. just sayin. boom!!!
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    Tower Vs. Tracon

    read this entire post and the only thing i want to add is that this is the BEST post in the entire thread. nice. (i've worked both, although mostly tower)
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    Quick Question

    your ratcf rating is irrelevant to the faa if you have a cto and 52 weeks. obviously list it, but you're gonna qualify just based on your cto. put every rating you have on your application. but you're already qualified so don't worry about your ratcf being qualifying or not.
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    Elite member

    test 123456
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    Does the date I reported to my facility matter?

    controller A has 1 more day of seniority than controller B. controller A's BUM date would be the day he graduated, regardless of if they went straight to work or took leave. controller B's BUM date would be the day he graduated (a day later), regardless of if they went straight to work and got...
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    Visual App but automated WX reports IMC

    in the OPs you (the controller) have access to the automated weather? if not, how are you supposed to know what the real time weather is? how do you know the pilot has >3 miles flight visibility? why is it MUST instead of SHALL? because these questions are difficult to answer, i...
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    Need Help/Advice With Article 15 After Interview

    get out. first shirt is worthless, commander and CCTLR too. sheesh. i've been out for 10 years so i may have lost touch some. crazy that the AF is being so crazy about this. oh well, rub it in their face in 2 years when you're making quadruple your pay and double theirs. ...just saying
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    Visual App but automated WX reports IMC

    or contact approach if requested. the ASOS/AWOS is not a binding weather report to controllers. uncontrolled airports are just that...uncontrolled airports. you ensure the pilot has the wx, you vector for an instrument approach. however, if the pilot subsequently reports the airport in sight...
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    Cautionary Wake advisories for Small behind Large Visual App

    no. ONLY behind a 757 or heavy. however, there is a stipulation that "in your opinion" a WT advisory is warranted then issue it. in the radar world, if something smaller is following something bigger than I issue it. is this stupid in certain situations? absolutely. although i do it anyway...
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    DOD Seniority

    there is literally no federal-wide regulation that stipulates DOD ATC seniority. my initial belief is that the one who has the most DOD time should be senior. however, again there is no such thing as DOD seniority by regulation or memorandum. i suppose i understand the reasoning that SCD is...
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    Non us citizen Employment was stated above.
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    Need Help/Advice With Article 15 After Interview

    straight to an article 15 instead of another LOC or an LOR?? seems crazy.
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    Local Seniority Tie Breaker Procedures

    coin flip, then alternate every year. L30
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    Texas Takes Over Tower Funding

    the FAAs model is "Safety Second". if you don't believe it, work a shift.