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  • I also got selected in Mar for ZDC but still waiting on my clearance. Get date yet?
    Hey rogersjf. I saw that you are taking online classes at vaughn. i was hoping that you could tell me how difficult the classes are. i'm planning on going there too, and am considering taking 15 credits in their fall semester, and then 15 in the spring semester. Is the workload going to be too much, and is the curriculum difficult to understand or get good grades on for you?

    I have a bachelors already, and know what 15 credits feel like in a semester. I just wanted to know what it's like at Vaughn for you. Lastly, were you able to get any student loans from FAFSA. I hate to bug you with this, but you and one other person are the only people on this board who i've seen post about being in vaugh. i really appreciate your time, and hope that you can write back. thanks man.
    hey could you share that email address to HR with me i applied CTO and will be applying CTI in a couple weeks when i finish my pilots license
    roger frm vaughn? if it is this is hussain the guy tht was in seth class with u. dude so its only gonna terminal panels in october?
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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