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    Academy Failures - Listen Up!

    Very understandable however the academy is no where close to the field, it is a system that needs to be changed and was recommend very much so by FAA's own independent study...
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    Academy Failures - Listen Up!

    I am going to interject my opinion on this matter about the grading at the academy. As stinger did say that someone did lose .44 points for sitting to close to the R side and that someone was this guy. See image below; So for everyone that says it is all in the SOP's and LOA's etc. I would...
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    Green Check? Post Here

    Gonna add fuel to someones fire on this one, washed out of enroute by .3 4 years back, was picked up on a CTI bid, while waiting for my FOL I got picked up on Pubnat 8 also. However had to waive that one due to the fact I would lose my spot at OKC on the CTI bid. 4 years later used the same...
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    I Washed Out Of En Route Training - Feel Free To Ask Questions

    I am also a enroute washout (.31%) however i have all my notes and information from my personal folder that can give some insight on if anyone has any questions. (I also got .44% taking off for sitting to close to the Rside, which is always a fun error. Thanks perry ann)
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    ZNY moving?

    Likewise it will include duplications of controllers, there will be a pot of more people to work and sech. which in turn could save taxpayers by scaling back OT
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    ZDC November 2011 Selectees

    Get used to it if your headed to ZDC, cross training of the new sectors should be complete by now however there is still a backlog of people to get trained. People who were in my class started on the floor D-side a couple months ago. (OKC date was Nov'11)
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    Why do some people fail the academy?

    Sat to close to the RSide plain and simple. . . (-.44) Fail .31. . .
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    Enroute washouts / psych outs

    No I did fail for something stupid, sitting to close to the R-side was a 2pts deuction so (2x.22=.44 (total points) being that I failed .31, I did indeed fail for sitting to close.
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    Enroute washouts / psych outs

    I cannot stress enough that the grading system in OKC is very flawed and which evaluator you get may affect your overall score at the academy. Point in case failing for sitting to close to the R-Side and being told no points were taken off by the grader, supervisor and teachers. Receiving your...
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    We had someone in our class who was 40+ years of age.
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    Enroute Academy Question

    Neither you work the academy . . . .
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    Enroute washouts / psych outs

    Re: Enroute washouts / psych outs. No that is not an enroute option however if you request your file under FOIA that sheet is located in your file JO3120.27 Doctors get more chances on their boards then enroute. However tower will...
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    Enroute washouts / psych outs

    Re: Enroute washouts / psych outs. The academy is failing to produce the results the centers want this is evident in a memo that was circulated in late 2011 & early 2012 by ATM's. Subsequently, the academy added 6 more people to the new course and became more stringent on grading students thus...
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    Enroute Radar Bible

    I disagree very much in the structure of your statement. I agree that you cannot memorize problems due to the fact they all run differently based on the person. However the academy is set up so that you run the problems and do memorize and see the same thing over. The trick is in the PV that...
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    Enroute Radar Bible

    Yes RS is bad but least you have to type y/n before it happens. I am working on a map of major traps you will see on the pv and that most students miss