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  • Hi RollTide,

    My name is Nathan, I'm a controller at P50 and have an old friend who is DoD at NBC who is trying to get on at current rate of pay. The way the contract reads is difficult to interpret when it says career level "G" in Art 108 Sec 4 B. What are they telling you?

    Message me if you can. I'd like to hear more about FHU. Always had an interest going there. Is it a TRACON or GCA, does DoD required up and down quals or are people hired for one or the other? How is support from the base / Unit on equipment and such? Fast, slow? Do they have STARS yet? I saw the congresswoman there had earmarked $2million for a new facility, has that been built?

    I am RMC with FAA, and may be able to tell you more about FAA life. Unless you are a former CPC (FAA FPL), and are returning to the FAA you should go to D-1 pay ($33K) or so....Not good. Then again, I really can not make head or tails of what the negotiators / arbitrators were doing when they worked on the pay...
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