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    Tower Closures and Pro Time...

    I have some very thorough LAWRS notes as well, but in my honest opinion, the 7900.5 was much better study material than the CBI. If you've got to take LAWRS, get to know that reference well!
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    Possible Lawsuits

    Talk to your airport managers. The airport authority, city, county, or whoever owns the airport might be willing to fund it. There are 20 or so, maybe more non-fed towers out there already.
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    Flight Data position open

    The announcement said that it was also being advertised internally. I'm sure they already have someone in mind.
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    Quick Question

    I know a controller who has ADD. Not sure if he was on meds or was ever on meds. Try to get a class II to find out Find an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)
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    No More DOD Age Waivers?

    Thanks! 1234
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    No More DOD Age Waivers?

    Brew, thanks for the response. That is what I thought but Meanjoe's response is typically what I see in the announcements. I have yet to come across an announcement where prior federal service/military service/military spouse/etc. wasn't a requirement. I guess that's my question: Do they ever...
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    No More DOD Age Waivers?

    Thanks for the info!
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    No More DOD Age Waivers?

    The info is for someone who has been working for a private contract tower for the past couple of years. He's never been a federal employee so he wouldn't be able to apply to an announcement specifically for federal employees. Just wondering if the DOD is an option without joining the military if...
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    No More DOD Age Waivers?

    Do they put out DOD announcements for civilians only where military membership is not required? I check frequently and most that I see require you to be a member of the Air National Guard. I imagine if they do they are few and far between.
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    FAA-AMH-13-REINCPC-27019 email

    Not positive, but I believe he was just speaking among the CTIs. I hope the rest of us from the spring panel are still being considered, but I'm not very confident. Time to wait yet again..
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    Anyone apply for CTO?

    Yeah, I just got it too.
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    Anyone apply for CTO?

    CTO school, I'll stay current until/if I get picked up with the FAA.
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    Anyone apply for CTO?

    Aww man that sucks! I'm sorry.
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    Anyone apply for CTO?

    Yep, I'm waiting on that dreaded e-mail as well. However the word was it was announced during a Telcon and nobody has mentioned hearing anything other than CTI getting the shaft during that conference, so maybe there's hope. I applied MO and KS. Only CTO. I'm not a Vet, so I won't get...