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  • SOBE - for some reason you message is not showing up in my inbox. Isola Bella FAA rates provide for spouse and children under two at no extra cost. However, there is a pet fee of $100 for you dog. At the current FAA rate of $48.60/day this will run $1,458 for a 30 day month. FAA rates change Oct 1, but have not seen the new government rate.

    The RedBaron
    Hi, I asked a question regarding to become an ATC and u told me to pm you. Besides his contact info. Do u have any advise for me? such as what courses I should I concentrate and what classes would benefit me and also what should I major in? DO u think will I be able to major in Aviation flight science, Aviaition science and Administration or Aviation Maintenance technology? Please help me. Thank you so much.
    I am in school, but doesn't that mean I'm just waiting for an interview lol?

    And I never forgot about you on the oil well stuff. Here's a link that kind of sums it all up. Invest in my Texas Oil Well
    A guy I live with in my fraternity just graduated with his accounting degree and he got me involved in it. It's just one of those deals where we just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
    That's what we went to Austin to find out. There are 72 wells that we have to look over so it may take a few days, but we should be able to come up with some pretty solid figures on what to expect. I'll keep you updated.
    Heh... that's what the forums are for. You'll get answers from more than one person. Post it on up in ATC Employment (and search to see what's already been answered) and I'll try to add my two cents in. You've still got enough time to make it before 31, so don't get too hung up on it... I know how it feels, but a full 1/3 of our class was 30+. They're mindful of it, I think.
    I was at Kim's, which I liked pretty well. And passing the PV... it's just a tough test. Got the better of a few people. If you work hard and can stay cool under pressure, you'll be doing everything you can.
    I have not been picked up yet! Still waiting on March panels. Where are you from? How old are you. What's it like in OK? Is it hard, what should I study for?
    Heh. Just a lot of time on my hands. First applied PUBNAT3 in May 2008, did all subsequent ones after it, finally picked up off of PUBNAT5 for ZSE. Got redirected to ZLA, in the Academy right now.

    Think that covers it. You headed to OK sometime soon?
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