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  • Hi I'm Rachelle I go to FAA Academy in January for en route and was wondering if you still had copies of the cheat sheet cards by chance? If not, no worries:) thanks for your time
    Hello from the distant past on stuckmic. I graduated cti in 2008. Due to various circumstances I am just now talking to FAA again about a class date. Been a long time since cti and I was hoping for advice. Going to ztl How to prepare??? Can't take basics cause I'm cti. Thanks in advance.
    Delayed reply. Na man I'm not at VGT. You must of thought my RPO gig in Vegas carried over to me gettig hired on their. I'm at Syracuse. Training is coming along, notoriously slow training program here but we got double downgraded so a lot of the team is trying to get me certified in time to save pay, thank the lord.

    How's everything at ZLA? Can't imagine that process. Hope all is well man as thanks for all you do for the site.
    Hey are you fully qualified up there yet? I will be taking a tour up there soon with my friend. And also take a tour of the area. I have a class date of April 6th. Any recommendations for the school house itself?
    I just seen your write up about the AT-SAT and would like to say nicely done. It was far from boring and was definitely informative.
    Well, I'll probably take a class a semester, so maybe 3 or 4 classes a yeah about 3 years probably. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for HF jobs, I hear it's a really cool field to work in.
    Buffalo is great! Still training on LC (hope to be done soon). I'll post on your FB wall with more. I haven't been on SM so much anymore; sorry for the late response. I hope all is well with the wife, baby, & relocation! :)
    Hey! You know lisa and tj? I just met em at a controller get together. Im like in love with lisa she is awesome.
    It's going great my dude, we started running our first non radar problems today. Fun stuff. Lol it's going really good tho, have some great teachers.
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