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  • Oregon huh?
    The only facility I requested was EUG.
    Heard last week I got it.
    My hubby works there. All but 6 are eligible to retire in 3yrs and there are only 4 trainees.
    Maybe we will work together.:hurray:
    lol I am just dealing with a custody situations, so the sooner I can get my ducks in a row, the sooner I can start pestering the firing squad to pull the trigger!
    Thank you! I think it went pretty well. Just a couple of things I have to get taken care of though. . . not worried about not getting hired, just worried about how long.. . .
    Thanks for the comment! I am surviving, it is getting tougher as they throw more and more stuff and it just keep building, but I am getting most of it. Hardest part of it right now is learning what to read in the clearances when giving clearances and coordination with other facilities. That and figuring out how to pre-plan your stripmarkings.

    But all in all, it is great and I am really enjoying it! I am glad people read my blog and I will keep posting as long as I keep getting comments about how it helps them. Thanks! Good luck to you also!

    For some reason, it reminded me of a scene in FMJ, but everything kind of does.
    LOL, and to that, I say...

    YouTube - What's the deal with...?
    Thanks for your contribution! Greatly appreciated!
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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