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  • OMG I haven't checked my stuckmic profile in a while! Did you see me? I have a bright red car and short black hair now. I'm gonna update mt profile pic. When are you headed to Edwards next?
    Mr. Ross. When are you trekking it to Vegas to celebrate my class date and your belated academy graduation?
    Do u deal with the stuckmic Facebook page? I have be-friended them several times and never been confirmed? Not sure why..
    Hey we should have a big fat atc party with ZLA and sport and joshua and my tower. Like at ardhouse or buffalo wildwings. Are you guys down?
    Thanks Rossta! I am very happy with my new namey thing. You are the shit. I promise to donate some dinero soon. Right now I cannot as I am in my underwear, drinking coffee and cursing my women for having a list of things for me to do on my day off! But I will.
    Thanks for the info! I just thought I would ask you because you are always the one with the most info. I read that article about you doing the all you can jet pass, awesome!
    Is the PV on non-radar, radar, terminal operations or a combo? Is there any recommendations on what I should study for now? I know you told me once before, when do they have panels? Have you heard if they are going to be hiring a lot of new people over this year and next? I graduated with honors from Miami Dade College(CTI), I worked as an intern at Miami Center for 5 months. Now, I just turned 29 and the 2 year clock is ticking in my head. Any recommendations on which states I should pick?
    yeah, still in vegas. where u going again? ZLA? if so, i talk to ZLA 6, 7, 8, and 16. congrats on getting out of OKC. now the fun begins.
    Congratulations on Passing the PV, I heard not all in your class were so lucky. I got your house. - I moved in HOURS after you left.
    hey thanks for the post on what to expect for the at-sat it was good. I take mine next thursday and I bought a $30 program on I like it a lot, and it sounds really similar to what you were explaining the tests were like. You should look into it, and give some feedback about that.
    Just FYI the POC for the University of Oklahoma CTI Program needs updated. Jim Hamm Retired it should be Stephen West for the New Director same contact info though.
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