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  • I wanted to make it a main post so maybe i would get more info on it! Cause people only click on what they want to put there two cents on. So lock away if it makes you feel good.
    OOOoo you were offered Seattle and you had to pick between Oakland and L.A. Which one did you pick?
    Thanks, man! I can't believe how lucky I've been to get through as quickly as I have. I'm going to try and enjoy the next few weeks and then get ready for lots and lots of studying.
    It's not email official yet, no... but it seems as though that means I won't be enroute. Did get a verbal confirmation, so I presume I must be Terminal... still waiting
    JustAddAir is a friend of mine and we went to UAA CTI together. So we like to take the time to bust each others chops. Everytime I see that lion I can help but to laugh.

    Side note, one of your instructors at the academy that came from ZAN apparently streaked through the contol room on his last shift.
    Negative! haha. I have relatives in Seattle. ZLA is good too, I'd take that in a heartbeat. The Cost of living is insane, but you'll do alright. I don't think I need warmer climates, I'll be living in Miami!
    damnit ross, for some reason i am not getting notified about my messages. just call me if you have something fun going on.
    404 808 1624
    And I forgot when you said you were leaving Mobile-homa. I get there May 19th. Let me know if you're still around
    Once upon a time at ZAN controllers would clean their guns on sector. The rule was the weapon needed to be visable to everyone. They are a very laid back crowd here and sometimes the .65 gets over looked for more plain english methods. Hell we have the full NHL package so we don't miss games.
    sweet, i think we are doing poker again this friday. $5 cause we all have yet to be paid.. lol
    Only been at ZAN since October 2010. Applied for the job because HR said he would get me hired quick. I have heard the instuctors from ZAN are great but people get tired of the the pharse "except in Alaska then you do this." I know the pay is about 30K higher than CPC at ZAN so that and weather seems to be a deciding factor.
    just saw that i had the message about the meeting.. lol nice to meet you too. head over anytime! which house is yours?
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