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    DOT Meal Allowance Tax Deduction?

    We claim it in EMS.....So do firefighters, cops, etc. If you do not have a set unpaid time for your meals, you are required to stay in the building, and you can be called away from your meal, then the answer is usually, yes. You claim the nearest city's per diem rate. So most ATC locations...
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    New, looking for help

    If you do it in the absolute minimum requirements, then yes, it would be cheaper. If you're not ready for your checkride and take a little extra time, then you've probably already met the Private standards. I was a full time CFI for over 5 yrs and I can't tell you how many people we had...
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    New, looking for help

    Do you know how many Recreational Pilot certificates have been issued? Less than 250.........out of over 600,000 FAA pilot certificates. It is an almost worthless certificate and, in the long run, won't cost you more than a few extra hundred bucks to get the Private. In fact, you're going to...
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    Pubnat 8 Not Selected

    Nope..... OTS MO & IL No Vet pref
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    Jobs while waiting on the FAA?

    It's fun, but the money sucks.....I can still fly for both part time with an ATC job.
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    Jobs while waiting on the FAA?

    Helicopter pilot for an EMS operator, and part-time/back-up for two TV stations.
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    Anyone have a college degree?

    B.S. in Aviation Management & MBA
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    Took AT-SAT today... How do I feel???

    Nah, someone else can take it if they wish. I'm not out to find the answer, just curious. Yeah, Nov 4 in St. Charles. We started at 8:30, and I was out of there around 1pm as well. Took three 5-10 minute breaks. I was the first one out, but wasn't feeling bad about it......was more...
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    Took AT-SAT today... How do I feel???

    I am convinced there is something underlying in this test...... I thought I would have got a 100 compared to the other results people gave. I got a 97%, and I'm not a genious or anything, but I know I got all the math, angles, dials. Only guessed on one analogy. The letter factory was easy...
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    AT-SAT Score Turn-Around Times

    Me too.......but if you go to the "test information" page of ASAP, it shows that the "test received from contractor" was the day after I took it. Someone in OKC just didn't get around to punching them in, or unlocking them for us to see.
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    Let's hear it for the pilots!

    Just found this thread...... -Full time EMS helicopter pilot--single pilot, VFR, NVG program -Part time ENG (news & traffic) pilot -Commercial, Instrument, CFI/CFII and about 3200 hrs in helicopters -Private Privs and 250 hrs in airplanes w/ some multi time. -A&P mechanic with inspection...
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    Post your Test Scores!

    FINALLY!! St. Charles, IL - Nov 4 - 97%
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    Post your Test Scores!

    Nov 4 in St. Charles......still waiting!!
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    Flying jobs on the side

    Just bumping this thread.......If anyone has any details on rest requirements, please let me know. We all know the 10 hr rest rule for 135, but is there anything for ATC? Just curious. I'm a full time EMS helicopter pilot and part time news/traffic for three different stations. I'm looking...
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    Part of ATSAT That Makes you most Nervous

    Took it this morning in Chicago...... Dials were easy, angles were easy, and math was easy (only got one question that had a decimel or couldn't be easily divided.) Letter factory was fun, but those questions were hard!!! Once you got past a big crunch time on it, and everything was above...