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  • Just trying to catch up with you about NMM, I have a TOL for NMM and hopefully will be getting a class date sometime this year. I was wondering if you could send me any contact info on NMM, I want to take a tour and maybe talk to the manager. How much longer in OKC? Good Luck.
    i sent them the paper work my cto /radar certifications and i never got a word back from them. I try to call like once a week but they never answer ill PM my reps name to you.
    Welcome to OKC and Isola Bella. If you need any help or have any questions, let me know.

    The Red Baron
    No Problem..go to the RVA website and apply online and put Greenville as a specific location..Once you do that you can contact Jim Dunn 662-335-0638
    Thanks for your posting...Congrats on FAA. any info on Greenville. ATM Name and contact number would be great
    The managers name is James Dunn...Lane Rodgers is the Airport Director..has nothing to do with ATC..hope this helps!! Good luck
    Thanks, I applied and followed up with an e-mail. BTW, do you have the managers name, online it was listed as Lane Rodgers?
    Hello, I would also like the managers e-mail. I'm really happy to hear you got picked up by the FAA!!!!
    Congrats on the FAA! I am working for KBR overseas and trying to get back to the states, I am going to put in for the job. Any other info you could pass would be appreciated. Congrats again!

    Jonathan N.
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