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    Marine Officer ACT

    True. Marine ATC officers usually only get the most basic qualifications and then get assigned to do office work. Once in awhile an extremely talented individual comes around, breezes through the "baby" quals, and if the timing is right they are allowed to train on major positions. But again...
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    Academy Failures - Listen Up!

    If you were ever taught something that seemed sketchy by the instructors all you had to do was look it up in the SOP they gave you on day one. The correct answer was always spelled out and broken down barney style in there. There were plenty of times the saltier old raytheon guys told us to do...
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    Any CTI Grads with BS Degrees Out There That Did NOT Get the Green Check Mark in April 2015??

    When I wen't through the enroute course at the academy we (me and my fellow military vets) drank almost every night, nodded off during class, and only really studied the night before block tests. It was like a three month paid vacation. At the end, 14 out of 15 military veteran controllers...
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    You guys are putting far to much thought into how HR handles this stuff. If someday you go to the academy and you actually meet the HR team you will immediately realize they are in no way organized enough to be sorting applications by SSN, or last name, or what ever other theory you have...
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    CTO, AdvancedATC and the GI Bill

    Option B wont work out for you. When I worked contract my boss was trying to hire on a beaver county grad who had come to tour our tower. Seemed like a pretty solid kid but when the application got to corporate they threw it out and said "We don't hire from the CTO mills". I found the...
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    Is This Real?

    One of the guys I worked contract tower with just sent me this. For real or is he trolling me?
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    Is This Real?

    Those emails have been the same for the last five years. Why would they change now? They seriously just copy and paste to every new hire.
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    Is This Real?

    I would believe it's real. Same email I got as when I was hired. I'm sure they just copy/paste the same stuff from old acceptance emails.
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    AF Job in Naha, Okinawa, Japan

    Kadena arrival is now operated out of Naha Intl by American DOD civs. They moved a few years back right before I got out.
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    You CTI folks should be protesting/suing your schools. They are the ones who lied to you and took your money. I'm sure one day many years ago you googled "how can I be an air controller" and it lead you to the shady nether regions of stuckmic. And on here you read two threads, one said you...
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    Enroute Pass Rates

    Some of the evaluators down there are real sticklers for phraseology and will do some silly stuff like nickel and dime you 5 points every time you say "nine" instead of "niner". There is one in particular we all got to calling "the leprechaun" (once you see him you will know who he is). I don't...
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    Enroute Map and Non-Radar Problems

    Don't stress about the map until you get to the academy. They give you like 2 hours a day while you're in class to study it. Everyone in my class had it down in like 3 days. Worry more about putting lines through the middle of your Z's. Or focus on getting in the habit of saying "niner" and "tree".
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    08/15/2014 EnRoute

    This thread is for Aug 15th FOL holders. Take your questions (that have all been answered on this site 1000 times) somewhere else. Jesus people learn how to use the f**king search feature.
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    08/15/2014 EnRoute

    I'll be down there the 14th. Coming from Maryland and making a week long road trip out of it. Jeremiah if you have yet to even apply to the FAA then you have a long way to wait. I applied a year and a half ago and am just now going.
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    Did You Have Any Choice in Your Class Date?

    I was offered an early June class and I turned it down explaining that my sisters wedding is in early August and that I am part of the wedding party. My HR rep worked with me and two days later she called and offered me a class date in mid August. If you have a legit reason you can't make a...