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    Tucson Tracon - U90

    I've been offered Tucson. any insights from someone who is working there?
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    FAA New Max Age

    We shall see.
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    Facility Swap

    Hard sell without SSR.
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    Anyone else interviewed for Westover?
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    3 Vacancies at Cairns Approach?

    I just put in for it.
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    Reaching Max Pay?

    As meanjoe said...appx 19 years in one grade. Assuming you get qualified within a year at GS-11....the total will be around 20 years.
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    Ft. Polk

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    Ft. Polk

    Is that the 11 or 12 spot?
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    Not Referred...then suddenly referred today.
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    Dobbins Announcement

    Tower/Arrival with GCA
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    Thanks! I hadn't seen him for a few years..I thought he went FAA.
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    Point Mugu

    I am looking at the cost of living in Ventura doesn't look good.
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    Oh, well. Thanks.
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    No, but I'm curious if I made the cut. SSgt. Young's comment is especially cryptic to me since I am considered both a Marine and an Air Force controller. Polkenhorn still there?