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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    Rumor has it the new bid is coming out before the end of the month. Theres a thread about it being tomorrow the 23rd. I havent paid to omuch attention to it but is anyone going to re-apply? Should anyone in the situation most of us are in (waiting for MMPI to clear) apply?
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    Grand Canyon Tower- GCN

    Flagstaff is beautiful.
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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    Hey Philatc I tried sending you a private msg but it says your quota is full. Please send me a msg so I can ask you a few question.
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    New Hire Training in March 2015

    Congrats on your second post, ever
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    Broward College CTI Program????

    All positives on my experience at BC.
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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    @CC Yes on retaking the psych mmpi. That backed me up to mid-Nov. I have everything else cleared according to HR. No I have not contacted Regional and will be looking into that. I have the number somewhere in my files. Im fine waiting til February class date, I've just been getting anxious...
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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    So when you were clear, did you recieve your FOL then or today? Does anyone else have a similar timeframe like this guy ^^ I called the careers services today and they told me it usually takes up to 2 months after turning everything in for them to contact you for a FOL. Im cleared on everything...
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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    I believe I'm east. I got my TOL late August. Finished everything mid Sept but had to take another Psych Eval in November so I dont know where that leaves me.
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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    Still waiting.
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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    How was it? Im curious what happens when you fail it.
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    12/11/2014 Terminal Basics

    Im also curious
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    Drug Test Once at the Academy

    Come on guys, hes just trying to gain some confidence to pee infront of another person.
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    Terminal JAN-MAR 2015

    No. Waiting for my paperwork to clear.