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  • Yes, I am one of the RPOs at A80 who spoke with your class earlier this year. Tom Borland is our Assistant Facility Manager. We will be here on Dec 14 running an arrival class through the lab. Check the email again and make sure you are sending it to first.last@faa.gov . If the email doesn't work try calling the facility again.

    It is true that an RPO job just became available because I will be leaving for the FAA academy Jan 24. The RPO job is very challenging but extremely rewarding. We have to know a good deal more airspace than was taught at MGC. It is a tough job to land. Over 200 applicants in a few days when I applied.

    Hopefully you can get your tour set up. Good luck with school.
    Any update after bootcamp? *EDIT: Sorry, I see now. no regrets about not staying in the Navy?
    If i remember correctly it only took me a matter of a week or so to get accepted and financial aid was a piece of cake they were really helpful.
    We currently have 3 OTS people training RADAR(done with tower) and a CPC transfer that just got to the facility a few weeks ago. Yes we have people eligible to retire, but there is no sign of them leaving soon. A cpc just was promoted to supervisor.
    No worries, it happens and I have plenty of other options. I didn't get selected because my EAS is too far away and there aren't likely to be any panels between now and then. Plus I turn 31 in June. What happened with you? Did you still go the navy route?
    I'm born and raised in GA sorry. But they were great with financial aid. I got loans on top of the scholarship I had and it was a pretty easy process. They were pretty good about working with anybody especially out of state students. I know we had quite a few. As for transportation, I lived in Eastman. Well I stayed in the dorms in cochran my first year then got an apartment in eastman my second year with some other atc guys. There's enough people there if you were interested in that, not to mention they built aviation dorms literally a hundred feet from the tower in eastman. so there are a lot of options for housing. But as far as i know there is no transport to and from macon other than cabs but that would cost millions lol.
    That's a load of crap for other schools to say that sorry. It's completely dependent on your own history and your test scores. I was the only one this go around but pretty much every student I know that has graduated has been picked up. The one thing to know going in is it can be a waiting game. Our biggest phrase is hurry up and wait. We hurry to finish and do paperwork and things just to wait longer. But as long as you graduate and score ok on faa tests, which i'm sure you'll do fine, then you're a shoe in for a job. It's just a matter of the hiring trends. sometimes they hire a lot sometimes not just a waiting game
    Hello Tarria,
    First let me say congrats and good luck. MGC was the best decision I have ever made. I did two years at West GA just core classes but when I transferred I started aero classes immediately. The same was for kids just starting with no prior college. They let you pick the classes in pretty much whatever order you want. However, I know they were talking about changing it. Either way they let me take more classes at a time than usual and I handled it fine. Graduated top of my class and was the only person from the May 2010 class to get hired in the first selection. Pretty much anyone gets accepted cause the program will weed out the weak ones but with a previous degree i'd say you're a shoe in. Shoot me any more questions if you need to. Best of luck
    Hey give us an update where you are at in school or training. I'm really curious as to where you got stationed. I know a sailor or two at most of the duty stations and can have them look out for you.
    Sea duty is 3 years. You may get extended but it isn't likely because it costs more money to send sailors to sea for training and such. You can get a CTO from any station if you are motivated and work hard. But yea in your situation I would go shore duty. If you can try to get TRACON facilities you will get the most qualifications out of there plus the nice TRACON ticket. FAA likes tracon tickets :)
    Hi Tarria. Well I had the same plan as everyone else 5 years then get out go FAA. I guess it was just bad luck but I received so many ships on my orders that it kinda forced me to choose a ship. I don't wanna scare you but we did join the navy :X. Depending on your orders I would still go shore duty. Like everyone else says the FAA doesn't recognize many quals on the ship except final. The main reason I choose the ship though was for rank and my warfare pins. After A school you will go to your next duty station, people that are usually e-4 plus will be priority for training. I'm 19 years old so my plan is different from yours. If I were you I would go shore duty first. You may not train for the 1st year but you will gain more from the shore duty then the ship in your situation. I just graduated recently so if you have any questions about the experience just ask. This is the best job in the world in the world's finest navy!!!
    my name is Ryan, am in the navy right now ...as a aviation undesignate. i am qualify for AC rate in the Navy. Can u give me more input about Air traffic control? I heard it very stressful, and also ur English speaking must be fluent. I'm original from Vietnam, but i was raise here in the states. I do have accent, but not really bad. Do u think AC would fit for me???? thanks in advance.
    I would say that it is possible for them to extend your sea duty, but I personally haven't heard of it happening. It really is just luck sadly, but I would say to give yourself the best odds you can, I would probably go sea first. Or maybe Diego Garcia if you can, which is a 1 year order which counts as a sea tour, and they wouldn't extend you.
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