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  • Hey man, I am sorry to hear you say you were "passed over" Are you sure they passed you over? It's not over yet. Last panel tool 2 months to complete. Keep hope man!
    3:16 pm. Hopefully they keep sending them through tomorrow and you will recieve it then. Ill cross my fingers for ya.
    why so grumpy in the threads? You know half of the population are idiots! I just read through the crap to find useful info.
    ATCBOY might be one... can't remember. I know he was in Houston Center but stopped for something.
    i saw your brother and dad are at ZOB, what are their names? my dad has been at ZOB for about 25 years now
    200 wow i wonder who majority was besides VRA.. im on the CTI qualified list for new york and jersey ... trying to fig out if i even have a shot
    hey man wats up ...saw your comment about the panels. did u hear anything els from c90 atm about the panels?
    hey thanks for the info. I spoke to Louis Hernandez as well yesterday. And as well all know now there is a referral list out. sorry I did nto get this message until today.
    Hi There, I'm in IL and used to be a CPC back in '04. I reapplied through reinstatement back in Dec '08 and was offered a facility which I turned down due to location. Since then no luck- I am hoping for anything in the Chicagoland area....who should I be talking to????
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