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  • Hey bud I emailed you a while back about Peachtree City I was wondering if you ever got it? I got my FAA welcome packet today it looks like the answer to your question is that school will last until May 12 than off to A80.
    Since you are going direct to a TRACON, then you will go through RTF, which is 5 weeks. If you are a OTS applicant, add an additional 5 weeks to that for Air Traffic Basics. Right now, RTF is pass/pass but don't screw around because once you get to Atlanta, if you don't know your stuff you will not be in good shape. RTF is *rumored* to go to a pass/fail class but right now I would not anticipate that at this time as many up/down facilities have people waiting to come back for RTF with that line being about a year long right now. Best of luck to you at Atlanta!
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