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  • Hi im not sure if your still active on here but i just got a tol to gonin january and I was wondering if you had any info about new grads going to ZAN. My sister lives in alaska and ots one of my top choices right now but i was wondering if you get a lot of wash outs? Things like that. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry dude. Yours is all tiny and blurry and hard to draw when everything else looks tiny and blurry to me anyway. Guess you'll have to celebrate Kwanzaa or something instead.
    How do I find out the FSO office for ZAU Chicago center? I saw on a medical clearance thread, you said that's the best way to reach someone and stay on top of your medical clearance? Thanks!
    "Superimposing your tongue"... as an administrator and in the capacity of a representative of StuckMic I can't support flaming as it does not promote blah blah blah... but oh man.
    Did your email say that you were selected for california our did it day ZOA? Mine just says california
    How long you been at ZAN? We've had two instructors from there, and they've been the best two here so far. Although I don't understand what would possess someone to move from Anchorage to Oklahoma.
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