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    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    I dont see how you would not be considered a vet even though you have not separated yet. This comes down to two simple things: 1.) Did/have you served more than 6 months ( I think is the magic time frame)? 2.) On Veterans Day do you qualify for a free Awesome Blossom Onion appetizer when you...
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    Green Check? Post Here

    Yea thats what I have heard as well. Ive been doing atc since 2008, recently separated and now working FCT. I dont have a problem going to the school house and making some cash, I was just curious, hence I didnt ask if the school house was useful or not. After speaking with several FAA...
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    Green Check? Post Here

    Im not aware of to what degree you are aware of inside info so I am going to ask. Do you know or have you heard if there is a possibility that some will move on even without having to take ATSAT? From what I have heard this form of testing has not been used in a while. I am curious if some...
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    Contract Tower Pay 2014?

    thanks, i was just wondering. i applied there before but kinda figured that the wages would not make life very easy in that area
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    Busiest Facility

    It wasnt that bad, more fun than anything I thought. But I wasnt a Sup at the time, that might have been a little more stressful
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    Air Force Controller Wanting to Go ATC Canada!

    I have always wanted to work as a controller near whistler, that would be rad. Its too bad there really isnt a single piece of usefull info about the process on this site.
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    Contract Tower Pay 2014?

    Question about JAC, is it even possible to live there or in a surrounding area making that? I am not a retiree so I would be living off of SERCO wages alone. Thank you
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    New Air Traffic Control Hiring Rumor

    Re: New Hiring Rumour Its just tough to imagine someone who was in tech school for years getting a job over a person who actually did the job successfully for over half a decade. Not sure its a matter of personally disliking a person or a group of people.
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    Just Got Hired, Advice on What to Study?

    if you allow a VA to come in following someone else and didnt pre-coordinate it with the IFR fac. you are not doing your job properly, just my two cents.
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    SERCO Hiring Process

    From my experience SERCO is pretty casual about their hiring process, the website is mainly used for getting your contact info and job history to the facility manager so he/she/he-she can start making phone "interviews". My advice is if you see an opening for a facility you would not mind...
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    Busiest Facility

    it wasnt shit in 2010. piece o' cake
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    Any Veteran Preference Applicant Make It?

    6 1/2 year USAF atc, Watch Sup at two towers, 4 CTO's total. Uploaded CTO, Proof of serv. Separate in Aug 2014. Not selected.. Writing Congressmen.
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    Any Military Controllers Make It?

    6 yrs AF, 4 cto = blueballs..
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    Work Hours for Air Force ATC?

    tower or rapcon?