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  • Sorry its been awhile since I logged in I was in the middle of a divorce. But thats finally over with so I'm back to being my old me. I was curious because I hear alot of talk about going to visit facilities to get your name out there and make a good impression. Does that actually work? Do you see potential candidates actually go up to SJU to visit? I don't want to get caught napping because I'm really interested in working as a controller. Thank you in advance. Hope to hear from you when you get a chance. Bye
    Sorry to bother you but I came across a post that said you work at Luis Mu~oz Marin. I'm an ots waiting on pubnat 8 with a 96.8 test score. I'm bi-lingual and I currently live in P.R. with my family so I don't care if they give incentives to work here I just want to work close to home. I'm curious how hard is it to get selected. Anything recommendations?
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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