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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    They're making moves. I received an update a few days ago saying I was no longer being considered. I have an idea why but I'm going to go the appeals route to see if that helps.
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    No problem. To me it sounds like an uneventful but otherwise great position to have, barring the fact that I won't be on the mic.
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    Duties Summary The incumbent serves as an Air Traffic Control Specialist in the Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV). Responsible for implementing, conducting, auditing, and directing work activities required to achieve AOV goals. Business Component:Office of the Associate Administrator...
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    Me either, other than the description and what I could get off the internet.
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    It was for an ATC specialist with the AOV in dc. Announcement AWA-AOV-18-0061MB-56925 that closed early May.
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    The referral list was sent out on July 9th, 2018. I didn't receive notice of it until around the 20th of July, which is when it was updated on the AVIATOR website. This referral was For an AOV position though, which I'll definitely take if that bone is thrown my way. ... Hope everyone stopped...
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    Substance Abuse Evaluation Timeline?

    Better than them finding out on their own.
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    New Announcement Up, Looks Like It's Only for Alaska.

    Would it help if someone who already has a CTO apply for this FSS job and then tries to get in that way? That would be my situation.
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    Bethel Alaska

    So there's a bid for an FSS up there in Alaska. I posted it to the General Discussion forum but here it is again:
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    New Announcement Up, Looks Like It's Only for Alaska.

    Sorry if someone posted this already and I missed it. There's an announcement up on USAJOBS for a temporary position at an FSS in Alaska. Closing on Sept. 11th. I thought I saw someone here trying to go to Alaska so this may be your chance.
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    Any Idea On The Next Announcement?

    Yes, for all that's positive in the world, GS3k, please stop buffing the FAA's balls..
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    Going to a University and Being a Controller..

    I've thought about online classes but I do produce better work in the classroom environment, but all the online reading I do now I guess I should be better suited to try some online schooling.. But that's good for me that some of you know people or are capable of doing it.. That means there's...
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    Going to a University and Being a Controller..

    Does anyone have any experience with this? The problem I'm faced with is that I've got a total of nine years of free college education that I don't want to waste, but with the controller schedules that I'm seeing people posting with the 2-2-1 and the 2-1-2s and all that, it doesn't really seem...
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    Dream Location?

    KAUS I've been accepted to the University there already so I'll be attending that in August and my family is in San Antonio which is only an hour south.. It'd be amazing because it's not as busy as other International airports so I'd have an easier time with the work/school/life balance.
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    After Not Being Selected.

    I really couldn't agree more with what the military controllers are saying. While it's a great route to go (I went Army, three CTO's later I'm still here) it's definitely not a decision to make just based on the controlling aspect. Military life is military life, and there's a lot more to deal...