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  • Hi, i just wonder U mentioned about ATC job in UAE,KUWAIT,OMAN, SAUDI...etc all that "Arabic World"...
    I would be glad if U could help/support, um any info about that...
    So, congrats...What's the process for REINST for pr-hire? Another clearance...psych eval...or just the class II??? My clearance and psych are from summer '07 and have another clearance from the VA, SF85P...
    Thank you very much for doing this as I really do appreciate your help. I hope all is going well this week. If I may ask, how long have you been at ZOA and how well do you like it. Did you start out at ZOA or did have experience coming in? Thanks again!
    Thanks, I ended up finding it. It was a pretty uneasy feeling seeing everyone getting it then me thinking I didnt lol
    Hi, I see that you're a CPC in ZOA. I'm due to start training in OKC in December and from there heading to ZOA. I am excited about the opportunity and looking forward to learning about things. I wanted to ask if you could provide any insight as to what to expect and further, where would be a good place to reside once I arrive at ZOA? I'm single, from Atlanta, GA, and haven't any idea where to begin to locate for housing in the bay area that would be financially feasible and conducive to work. Any thoughts, as I'd greatly appreciate your insight. Thanks!
    Lew Hernandez told me that after he generated the list he came in the next morning to find a bunch more qualified applications and the only way to add them was to close the referral list and start over. He told me not to worry and that I was going to be on the new list.
    i did reapply under a VRA announcement. i also applied under a reinstatement announcement. i know it says you were supposed to be CPC with 52 weeks. i believe that is not so, cuz they accepted my application under that announcement. i already got picked up for L30 (Vegas TRACON). i'm still trying to decide wether or not i want to accept. part of the reason for leaving ZOA in the first place, was because i didn't feel comfortable working the R-side, or radar period. i just felt like i was wasting my 10 years of tower experience in a radar facility that i have no experience. wouldn't seem smart to me to go right back into another radar facility. i'm making calls like crazy to try and get my L30 assignment changed to LAS tower. we'll see what happens.
    congrats on the new one on the way. kids make life complete. you'll find that to be true soon enough. no more drinking at bonko nights now. if you guys are having a boy, Jeff is an awesome name. :) Sand Point for christmas huh. your family or his? that's about as far away from idaho falls as you can get and still be in idaho. tell the canadians next door we said "hey, eh."

    things are good up here. starting to get cold, so i may change my tune soon. we probably won't be here much longer. i got referred to and accepted a job at Vegas Tracon. i'm still trying to get it changed to LAS tower since that was part of the reason i left ZOA in the first place (hated radar, love tower).

    keep in touch and tell the peeps i said hi.
    hey shaight...i was in your area, but i resigned in june. u guys all went up 1 in seniority. :D i went to idaho. i'm pretty sure i know who u are...haighterade. LOL.
    OMG thank you sooo much!!!

    i am waiting on my pepc date

    does the pepc come first and then the TOL or is it the other way around??

    im in southern california at the moment and im trying to get time off from work to get up and tour SJC

    thank you again!!!
    omg that would be fabulous!! I called him about 2 weeks ago (Mike?) and he seemed very nice and told me i can call back whenever i want to come up for a tour and meet him personally. but since he is a good pal PLEASE let him know i am super devoted and well... plain awesome hehe

    i REALLY want SAN JOSE!! sooo bad i can taste it :)

    my name is Shyan :)
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