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  • I want Chicago but I put in Cali cause I have family near Sacramento, of course I got socal ..I'd of taken Alaska if they gave it to me...

    Honestly it would help a great deal if i could stay here but the career is too good to pass up..I'm done flying for a living:)
    Some more Cali competition eh haha? Good luck in the process. I'll be done with Mt. SAC in December =)
    san jose is cool I work at ZOA but we took a tour over there. There is a couple of old guys there but more young blood and the lady who is the supervisor is nice too. Traffic is way down because of the construction they are doing there so good luck!
    from my understanding the PEPC is first and you could get your TOL there if not shortly after.

    You're so welcome, he is a great person to work with. I hope the best for you.
    The San Jose Facility manager is Mark DePlasco.

    He said to give you his work numer, 408-982-0750.

    I know that he is in and out of san jose and san fran as the acting hub director, but he is excellent at getting back to you and just overall a great person!

    Good Luck
    Hey if you want to get a hold fo the SJC manager he is a good friend of mine. Let me know!
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