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    Washington: March 2012 Panel

    Does anyone know the facility levels for all the towers in Washington?
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    Reasons why you shouldn't live at Isola Bella!

    I stayed there last Spring and loved it! The staff was really friendly, food was good, study group sessions were really convenient, happy hour was always a fun time. Sure things were outdated in the apartments, and I had to ask for a few repairs throughout my stay, but it was never a problem. I...
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    Only a tentative clearance needs to be issued to go to Oklahoma. The final clearance was completed while I was there. To prepare for the interview I used the stuck mic guide, it was very helpful! I was not asked for any reference letters but I've heard that other applicants had been asked for...
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    Getting your interview done early is VERY important if you have the opportunity to do so. The sooner you get your TOL, the more people you are ahead of waiting for a class date. I found out I was selected the 1st week of Dec. 2011, Interviewed for enroute the next week. TOL date was Jan 2012...
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    11/19/12 En Route

    Try Isola Bella, they allow pets, no roommate, and a washer dryer in each apartment. I stayed there in the spring and it was pretty nice.
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    Prior Civil Service (Non-ATC) How does it count?

    From my experience, it counts towards retirement (start of service date), it does not count towards probation or career-conditional status or seniority. Also while in OKC you will keep your previous federal pay.
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    Nov. 2011 Panel POLL

    Yes, finished academy May 9th. At ZDV now, I feel very lucky :)
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    If you were fired/laid off from a previous job..

    I hope your friend is half as concerned about getting hired as you are for him.
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    ATTN ALL NOV 2011: Update

    Hi all. I was selected for ZDV last Nov. HR reps were RJ/MG. From my experience the reps cannot tell you anything specific until they pretty much have your class date in black and white. When I found out I was conditionally cleared for my security background check, I called RJ to let her know...
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    need your hair didd in OKC?

    haha good point... I wrote it that way because the classes have 18 students
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    need your hair didd in OKC?

    shyfly, I'm a gal in OKC right now in the enroute program... Even though there isn't much time to have fun and be silly, I WISH there was someone like you here right now to have girl time and do hair on the weekends when we all need a break from studying. Just so you know, the guy to gal ratio...
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    Isola Bella

    The courtesy cars at Isola Bella are usually available for free (2 hr max). If you want to actually rent a car, I would suggest booking it a few weeks in advance because those get booked up pretty fast.
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    Isola Bella

    Yes I'm staying at Isola Bella right now. I really like it here, and about half my class is here as well, so there's always people to study with. I don't have a car so it was important for me to choose a place on the shuttle route. The food is good too. I think I made the right choice. Good luck...
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    Isola Bella

    I had a similar problem when I booked mine. Call back and ask to talk to the front desk... not reservations (they were clueless with every question I asked). The girls at the front desk will be able to help you out and fix the rate.
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    Employment Verification

    You may have read that from me, because that's my current situation. My security clearance is not complete but I am currently at the academy. The FAA can do what it wants and there are lots of exceptions to the normal way the hiring process goes. My facility has a need for more developmentals...