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  • Hi,

    My name is Klaudia. I know from your posts that you are headed to ZHU? Have you received any news regarding OKC? I am also heading that way and I'm pub 6. Thanks in advance!
    Hey I live in Tampa hired in July of 08 still on appeals. Passed the MMPI, had stress disorder in Army while gong through divorce, duh! lol. 3 evals FAA Dr says I have personality disorder 2 civilian Dr's and VA say no.....Do you think we can chat some time pick eachothers brain???
    we live in montgomery. two blocks from the SW part of the lake. It's right off the 105. Much nicer here then Conroe.
    Hey we finally made it! We are in Lake Conroe. Montgomery county anyways. I leave to OKC on sunday. My class starts on the 20th.
    What?!?! U failed the MMPI test! I thought that thing was suppose to be like unfailable or something, only u. But I actually just arrived at the academy today. I'm here with Ruth, remember her? She was with us at the table at the bar in the hotel.
    You spell your name the same way my fiance does, you don't see that very often. Im a few applications behind you but I know several current and former controllers from ZHU and Ive spoken with the FacMan about getting placed there. He told me he would have the selection folks at the regional office send me to ZHU if I made it through, so hopefully we'll be working together one day.
    Don't sweat the MMPI bit. You're not crazy, you're just from Houston. You'll ace the re-eval.
    Britt. My wife and I are selling our house here in cali and moving there in a couple of months. You should look me up on facebook so we have someone to chill with when we get there. My full name is michael trejo. Lemoore california. I work for the DOD now but cant wait to leave cali.
    Britt, your spoiled already!! Your in the Woodlands and have one of the better malla but the best part of it is that you have a CheeseCake Factory! lol.. Not to mention your going to a facility that's not too far from home. You also have a Taco Bueno that it takes me 20-30 min to get to! LOL!! As you can tell I like to eat. Laterzzz
    So Woodlands, eh? I was only there for about half a year, but really liked it -- except that my wife was trying to go to college at the time and there really isn't anything nearby unless you want to drive down to UH. Oh yeah, and I definitely didn't drive a nice enough car to fit in well.
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