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    If you can't travel back to the US to take it I think you might be SOL. Give HR a call and see.
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    CIL August 2016 Bid

    Should have a class date within a month.
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    RPO Strike 2018

    Lmao you couldn't train an RPO in 2 hours. For terminal at least it would take 1 month minimum to become proficient enough to run by yourself with ATC students. If all RPOs are fired the academy will be closed for the rest of the year easily.
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    RPO Strike 2018

    They have been since at least the Raytheon days.
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    2018 Bids & ATSA Difficulty

    2018 Bids & ATSA Difficulty Don't even look at the math problems until after you have ensured separation for the dots.
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    Pilots with Questions for ATC

    Yes they are. Critical phase is supposed to be quiet time for that aircraft.
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    N90 OTS Experiences?

    That doesn't make sense because they could just say that training failures MAY get NESTed somewhere else depending on what their training team says.
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    Distinguishing CFCs
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    2018 Upcoming FAA ATC Job Bids

    Maybe better chance to get past initial hiring but not to get certified.
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    Columbia Tower-CAE

    Anyone work here? Any info would be appreciated.
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    About 1 month less.
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Most of those people from New York getting class dates where changed over to the TETRA track, trust me you don't want that.
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    June 22nd TRACON Class (6/22)

    Her website, just Google Kim's Place.
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Yes N90, good luck mate.
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    Conditional Security Clearance Denied

    I'm in OKC right now after I was fired as an RPO from the academy about 3 years ago lol. I honestly don't think this will be an issue. I was just asked to provide more details on the circumstances of my termination.