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  • you would think that after reading all the posts about class delays and the fact that pub7 is taking so long that they won't be in the academy any time soon. If the speed of completing your clearances determined a class date then I'd already be CPC'n right now.
    so... thanks for liking my post just now and i think stuckmic is sexist. you have 727 views while i have less than half of yours. ridiculous.
    St Paul MN, and I went to the University of North Dakota. more or less the opposite of Florida
    well thats good to know. I haven't been to TN let alone Memphis so it'll be interesting for my fiance and I when we actually go. I work for the airlines right now so I figure I can go out and visit and see whats up.

    What CTI program are you graduating from?
    I graduated CTI in Dec 09, you? Collierville, is that where your gonna live? When did you get your TOL?
    oh cool, were you in a sorority? Broward has a new facility as well so its not bad. I just started but with my B.A. and Pvt-Inst, I'll be graduating end of December. Doubt I'll get much farther in Pub8 by then..
    ooh, nice. I was going to go there, but I graduated from UNF in december and couldnt get the financial aid to post in time. So im back in S.fla going to Broward. How do you like it?
    Hi. I was just browsing on my first day on this site and saw we have a lot in common as far as the atc process so far. I live in Florida (near Cocoa Beach) - I interviewed in Miami mid June. I also just attended the ATL PEPC on Monday the 3rd. Most importantly I am assigned ZME as well. Anyway, just thought I'd touch base. Maybe we'll end up in the same class.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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