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  • Just left Quantico thank God. My wife just got hired at Pittsburgh so we will be moving there soon. i got out on the 16th and am growing a haggard ass beard and looking for a job.
    What up Sam. Its been moons since weve worked together at New River. Hows everything been. This is Wes Henderson by the way.
    Hey Sam, It was good to see you for those two seconds I was in the tower. Now that we aren't there, how is FHU. Should I look at it as a step in the door, or is it actually a pretty cool place to work. Everyone I talked to seemed pretty chill. What's the dirty that I missed on my visit?
    Haha yeah thats him. I worked with him and Montgomery over at Beaufort and Monty and Lo would bring you up reference pensacola and other stuff your name sounded familiar and saw you were prior usmc..You trying to get to RIV??
    Midwest is great actually. Saint Cloud, MN is significantly better than 29 Palms! Tiff just moved up here with me two weeks ago and things just keep getting better. I know FAA is the goal but coming from 29 this seems like paradise right now. Congrats on the AZ job and I hope you enjoy it down there.
    They are looking to hire immediately to fill the position before another one opens up next month because another person is leaving. Sorry man.
    June is a good time to start sending in resumes. If you'd like, I'll review yours and make sure it matches what most managers in Serco are looking for. Have you applied through VRA yet.

    shoot me an email at pjackson@onesilverstar.com and I'll send you the phone numbers for the Area Managers at Serco, RVA, and Midwest.
    Hi! I`m an atco from Ukraine. Did you get a job in Afg? If yes, could you share with me how I could do the same? Are there overseaers or it`s gust for US citizens? Sorry for disturbing you but I cracked my head trying to find a gob as an atco abroad of Ukraine. Send the reply to my atcosd@rambler.ru
    Thaks a lot,
    Joe Morales, MSGT/USMC (ret), here. Shoot me an e-mail at jacamojoe@yahool.com. After I retired in 2006 from MACS-2 Det B I got a DoD job with the USAF in FL where I have been ever since as a TWS. I can give you some good info and pointers.

    I saw you post under DOD employment. When were you at NKX? I was there from 199-2004, 'good place to be; I miss it. You mentioned tips for getting hired, I work for the Army these days and a little "trick" is cut and paste the actual job announcement after your resume. It ends up looking a little funny but they're use to seeing it. The first "round" is machine picked, it picks key words. Your resume may have it, but if you do this cut and paste the announcement usaually has the keywords and you make the first cut.
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