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    new to techops automation

    That is entirely dependent on your location and environment. Where will you be working?
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    Tech Ops Questions

    Keep in mind “entry level” for ATSS hiring does not mean the same thing that it does for ATC hiring...
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    Tech Ops Questions

    A career in Tech Ops is not a consolation prize for washed out controllers. True “off the street” hires rarely, if ever, occur. Like Scotter said, most 2101s come to the job with years of experience in technical fields. Salaries, duty locations and hours vary widely based on duty location and...
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    ATSS Hiring Process

    Could mean you’re the manager’s pick, or there could be several candidates. If it’s a direct hire situation, they also might be checking to see if you even meet the qualifications for F or G. I gave up trying to figure out HR and the process lol.
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    FAA Employment

    Off topic and wrong forum. As to the OP’s question. Yes the FAA does hire 2101’s off the street, but you still need a certain amount of qualifying experience, either from school or work history, to be truly competitive. So, it’s not truly off the street in the sense that ATC OTS is.
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    Atss Vs Electronics Technician

    Like Y code said, it looks like an Engineering Services gig. Traveling construction, design/assembly kind of stuff. Prob not bad if you don’t mind being on the road a lot. I did a similar job for the FAA for 5 years, three weeks on the road (no travel home in werkends), two or three weeks...
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    Atss Vs Electronics Technician

    Can you post a link to the vacancy? I’ll help you figure out what it is.
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    Atss Vs Electronics Technician

    1) ATSSs maintain and certify a wide variety of equipment for use in the national airspace system. ETs work in a variety of positions from glorified construction workers doing systems installations in the field (I was one) to bench techs working on the same piece of equipment every day. 2). The...
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    Security Clearance?

    Not a Secret unless you are going to some unique office in the agency, which is not likely as a new hire ATSS. Its just a basic background investigation, if it’s been hung up specifically for that, for this long, you might want to follow up.
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    Security Clearance?

    It’s a public trust background check, completely different. I had a TS when I came on board and they still did one.
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    DOD vs FAA

    Many civilian electronics tech type jobs in the DoD have nothing to do with the fun stuff you mentioned.
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    New Common Principles not 2 months anymore

    I believe it’s two weeks...but don’t quote me on that.
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    DOD vs FAA

    Hands down FAA. I left the FAA as a G 856 for a WG-11 in DoD and got out of there as soon as I got my offer to become a 2101. Lots of the guys who bitch about our pay think everyone who touches electronics in DoD is a GS-12 but they are mistaken. Yeah it kinda sucks to top out as an H but...
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    New Hire, A.K.A Common Principles for ATSS folks is changing from the in-residence model to a blend of in-residence and correspondence courses. None of the courses are immediate job jeopardy...but failing a course while you are in your one year probation phase is not a good way to start out...