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  • Hey my name is Tom. I am a Marine Air Traffic Controller. I am currently deployed but when I get back I will go on terminal. Are you still controlling on the civilian side? How hard was it getting a job right after the military? Did you have a gap without pay? Any thoughts on how to make the jump easier would be appreciated.
    Hey Snider,
    Yes I was there at VACAPES in fact I'm a plank owner for the place. When I was there I was only one of a few AC with the rest being OS. I know that the techs were always having issues with the Air Force radar since non had received former training on that type of radar. When I left they were finally getting 2 AF techs stationed there just to handle the repair of the main radar. I used to tell people that my first 2 yrs in the Navy they had me run planes together when my last 2 they expected me to keep them apart. There were times when no OS was available to do a run and the ACs would fill in and do them....we would pick up on it from watching the OS's. I would love to go back there on day and see how much it had changed but I don't know if that could ever happen.

    When you got to choose your first duty station after A school, were you able to choose the place you wanted? Did they give you what you wanted in A school or was it a "you get what we give you" type of deal?

    Also, how much of your enlistment was spent on shore/ship?

    Sorry, I know I asked a lot of questions. I have a lot more
    Hi Snider. I leave for Boot Camp July 27th of this year. I'm so excited to be going in Air Traffic Control! I just hope the Navy doesn't stick me on a boat my entire enlistment. I need that CTO.
    well not while im at school but when i get to my facility... we should be alright for a while with the bonus ill start my gi bill if that runs out... I miss you E.R. Hows Life?
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