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    Talking to ATC

    The 7110.65 rules are generally written to provide a safe and error free environment. In the example of radar identification the obvious error is two aircraft squawking the same code and one being mis-identified. The Ident reduces that possibility significantly, in both an automated, and...
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    C90 Assessment

    We had a controller leave for there just the other day. No assessment.
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    When to Consider Buying a House as an air traffic controller

    Buying a house is a serious financial decision, being in training in an FAA facility should have nothing to do with your decision, worrying that some thin skinned controller will be offended, should have nothing to do with your decision. The question is: Is is a sound financial decision...
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    Talking to ATC

    Absolutely. Unless you already know where the plane is and observe the beacon code change from 1200 to discrete (7110.65 5-3-3 b.), then 7110.65 paragraph 5-3-3 a. "SQUAWK (code) AND IDENT" is more appropriate, and certain. So, unless you work in a location that is virtually devoid of...
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    Talking to ATC

    When you are flying and not getting advisories, listen to the frequency for your area. Pay attention to phraseology, listen to call ups and controllers responses. The more your get accustomed to the phraseology then more confident you will be. Never be afraid to call ATC for advisories or...
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    What Can Pilots Do to Help ATC?

    Check in with the ATIS. Know what you are going to say BEFORE keying the mic. Listen for your call sign, answer when called. Learn how to check in properly. Don't spout three (or worse four) letter ID's for your destination airport, we know most of them and if we don't...we'll ask. If you want...
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    House Members Demand FAA Shed Light on ATC Hiring Process

    The impact of this won't be anything exciting, it will be something like: "Dear Congress, our hiring process will have no impact on the safety of the ATC system. It is simply a method to better select potential candidates. Thank you for your concern, have a nice day."
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    Suit Letter #1

    I don't believe I've ever heard it said better.
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    STAR Speed Restrictions

    Q: If an aircraft is issued a crossing restriction (but not a "descend via...instruction"), do hard speed restrictions on the chart apply? A: Yes. Q: ...if an aircraft was issued "Cross COFMN at and maintain FL270" would the 280kt at TUCKK apply? A. Yes. To avoid the speed restriction at...
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    Pregnancy and Hardships

    I wouldn't give up, but you may find that the government considers the generous maternity leave provisions ample enough help to those who choose to procreate. Also while you are pursuing the hardship, I'd consider refiling the swap and mentioning the doctors concerns. Rules can be waived if...
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    Operations per day

    No, 400 operations a day is not busy. Unless it happens over a 4 hour period. THEN, it's busy. :bowdown:
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    Evolution of the Scope

    Being on the Waterfall for a 2012 install date does not mean we will get STARS. Last I heard they were OK with the numbers of targets but still hadn't worked out handling the number of displays we use at SCT. But perhaps things have changed... One thing that will be super cool is going back to...
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    So Cal TRACON - SCT

    We were recently briefed by the facilty management that all new arrivals at SCT will be either CPC-IT (Controllers who have checked out in another facility) or some VRA's. While we have had a couple of OTS/CTI applicants certify, a big portion of those who arrived have either ERR'd out of the...
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    Vectoring using "group numbers" outlawed at ZNY?

    Every time I've had to present evidence to a FLM who "Knew" they were right I've gotten the same kinds of responses. "You're making it up" "That Chapter doesn't apply..." "blah blah blah...the spirit of the rule." <--I love that one And when they do finally realize you are right, "I'll bring...
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    App in use

    VOR or GPS Rwy9 circle to Rwy27 (assuming you have the minimums for it) It's what everyone will ask for anyway.