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    Authentication Required Pop Up?

    yeah I am on another computer now and no issues...thanks for the reply.
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    Authentication Required Pop Up?

    When trying to log in, and any time I change to a different page on this site, I get a pop up window stating: Authentication Required then prompts for a username and password. Seems like phishing spam...are you aware of this?
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    Can I change user name?

    So, about those name changes... I am not at SoCal anymore, and want to use the same email I signed up with for stuckmic, whats the best way of changing my username?
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    I transferred out of SoCal in '09. Sorry to those who have asked me questions about the...

    I transferred out of SoCal in '09. Sorry to those who have asked me questions about the facility, I forgot about this username/account.
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    landing clearance with a vehicle on the runway

    i was once told by a senior controller that a landing clearance could not be issued when a vehicle is on the runway for an inspection. It was explained that the 7110.65 does not imply the use of anticipated separation with vehicles.... I did not look into this as i usually do and just practiced...
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    Mediation on faa-natca contract dispute begins

    I must concur with sucks knowing that I am at a level 12 facility working and studying my ass off to make it and others are walking into level 7 facilities and breezing through the training- yet we are making the same $$. Oh I said I just need to get to D1.
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    Mediation on faa-natca contract dispute begins

    Not particularly impressed with the pay bands...Guess I had better get my ass to D1!
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    APREQ VS Point-Out

    I have asked other senior controllers, looked it up in the regs and even googled it. I saw one response over on, but I figured I would ask here and see what comments come up. To my understanding, a Point-Out is when you are transferring radar identification of an ACFT and are...
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    You know what really grinds my gears???? (NSFW)

    Interesting! havent heard of that yet-but it doesnt surprise me. My sup is actually pretty stringent on the 2 minute overlap, so I am used to it, but I am sure all the older guys will gripe and moan ;P Its funny that after reading this thread I went back to the floor and had the first guy just...
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    current atc's-introduce yourselves!

    Re: will the current atc's please introduce yourselves.... Stinson Stagefield, Ft Rucker Alabama 2001-2004 (Army) Desiderio Tower, Camp Humphreys, South Korea 2004-2006 (Army) Salerno Tower, Khowst Afghanistan 2006-2008 (Contract) SoCal TRACON, LA Arrivals- Developemental- Started Dec 2008, 4...
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    Where do you want to go?

    Yep! I had class with 3 from N90 and they were blatently rude to the other students and instructors- and believed they didnt belong there. Actualy JUST got done talking about it on the floor- They are just known for being A-Holes...
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    Jon Flowers...sounds familiar...when were you at Rucker? I was there 2001-2004
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    San Diego Tower - SAN

    Re: SAN? I have a friend who just got picked up for Lindbergh- and hes awesome- so for that reason alone you should take it..haha. I had hoped to get Lindbergh myself, but I ended up at SoCal TRACON (with his wife) and I love it here now. I may look for a transfer to a local tower in 10 or so...
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    So Cal TRACON - SCT

    Re: So Cal Tracon Question heya DRG- yes the staffing levels are coming up but there are still a lot of trainees here. They are in the midst of redoing the whole training program to better facilitate new hires, VRA/CTI/OTS into the facility. The new training manager is improving things every...
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    I was a 93C! and then a 15Q (same thing just changed the job identifier). I was stationed at Mother Rucker for 3 years, Stinson Stagefield (VFR TWR), then off to South Korea for another 2 years, Desiderio Tower (Camp Humphreys). Had one TTCS B.S. rating at Rucker.