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  • My bad with your ATC facility! And no worries, I was still able to read it. I've sent them via PM.
    hey hows it going

    i saw the link you posted about facility manning - think you could look up Logan (BOS) for me? Appreciate it!
    D21 is like most large facilities over the years there are goods managers and supes and other times not so good. Right now all our first line supes are pretty good, we got rid (read promoted) one who couldn't get along with his own mother much less a group of controller. Our biggest problem right now is short staffing, I think I average about 38 six day work weeks the last 2 and 1/2 years so while the money rolls in you tend to get burnt out a bit.
    Staffing info at PVD, BOS, BED, K90, ACK would be much appreciated, along with any other info you can provide. Thanks.
    Meh, I talk to the training manager directly to find out about staffing, but thanks.

    I'm just curious about their hiring trends, whether VRA or CTI.
    Thanks. I actual got a really good letter from the psych who gave me the original diagnosis. . . so maybe all is not lost. . .

    Hear anything through the grapevine about LAS/L30/VGT lately?
    i've flown a plane like twice with someone else next to me... i wasnt a pilot, i was in flight ops. i have done everything from supervising a crew base to training flight attendents to being a manager of crew scheduling.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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