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    Chicago TRACON - C90

    Lol unless your radar experience was from a 8 or higher don't hold your breath
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    Albuquerque Center - ZAB

    Any of you guys at ZAB work the east Specality ?
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    Debating Between Facilities, Help?

    Lol I get it. One facility is doing one function and the other facility is doing 2 functions And they're both doing similar traffic numbers. what facility did the kid pick?
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    Debating Between Facilities, Help?

    You're kind of proving my point. I said it's easier to Move around in the faa if you have level 8 up down experience vs level 8 tower only. How many high level (10 and up being the standard) tower only vs combined facility/ Tracon are there? All things being equal i think more often than not...
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    Failed PV at Academy / Second Chance

    I know somebody who was hired under a pub NAT announcement, washed out of their facility after passing the academy (during white book). Then was rehired under the red book after having to completely reapply.....and go to the academy pass (again) and go on to certify.
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    Debating Between Facilities, Help?

    youll have better luck moving around when you have radar experience...and the higher level the experience is from the easier it is to move.
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    Kalamazoo Tower - AZO

    Consolidation is inevitable...not if but when.
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    David Wayne Hooks Tower - DWH

    They're over staffed and nobody is released or eligible to retire
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    Pass-check out rates

    You have to check directly with the facility you're wondering about. I would suggest going through the fac rep.
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    Austin-Bergstrom - AUS

    Aus just picked up like 10 people on 2 bids last year to replace some retirees last and this year. Most (if not all were from higher level facilities). Not sure what their needs are in the next year or two.
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    Milwaukee TRACON

    If you really want into the FAA I would set your sights on a different facility. Just my opinion but there are a lot of lower level facilities (5,6,7,8) with cpc's trying to get out to the level 9's and above. Most of the 9's have fairly long err lists so they don't exactly need to get academy...
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    Near Mid-Air Collision

    If youre asking would I aim an airplane at another, no. I wouldn't. But Do I doubt that there are controllers at class d airports who couldnt care less what happens outside the runway. Absolutely not.
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    For those who got Texas facilities

    Tim, I know some people at Amarillo if you have any questions. But I'm sure ms chillibamma can answer most, if not all, of your questions.
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    Near Mid-Air Collision

    Class D towers have no seperation requirements except runway seperation
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    Less than required time off between shifts

    as far as i know the individual would be only available to do administrative duties for their shift. this includes the time after 9 am.