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  • Uh, that was all in caps to show that I was shouting it, but I guess we've got a filter to keep people from doing that. So now it looks like I'm slowly saying "fol".
    I took the Tier II 4/11. Doc was really cool and said bad news was I was a couple of points off on a scale but clinically I am perfect, he said he would talk with FAA and if I get rejected to definitely appeal. I am glad you got a class date, hoping I hear some good news, he's sending report to FAA Monday. Keep me updated.
    I got Tier 2ed for the MMPI and waiting to see the Dr. No word I guess until I get through that to know where I am headed. fingers crossed.
    when will results start comming out? and should i be concerned seeming how i have not recieved a phone call confirming anything? I made the referal list for both of my states requested in the CTO/VRA/REINDOD apps.
    I received my TOL 12/22, no location, turned in all security paperwork, did drug test last Monday, physical on the 12th and waiting on psych date. seems to be going pretty quick on the terminal side.
    they're sending me to ZME for my interview, assuming because i'm in nashville... would they send you to ZTL instead since you're in knoxville? saw you mentioned non-revving, you work for an airline in tys?
    Hah thanks man, I really don't pay it no mind. Just frustrating. Did you just get picked up?
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