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  • Callow: I can tell you ZMP is grossly overstaffed, and they cut their numbers 2 different times for FY 2010. I can't really tell you how or why I managed to get ZMP, or how I managed to make the cut, but it happened. Your best bet if you absolutely have to stay local, is to try for Crystal, St. Paul or Flying Cloud Towers. Even St. Cloud would be OK. You could hope and pray for MSP, but that could be both a blessing an a curse. Good luck to you, but be prepared for something other than ZMP if you picked enroute only.

    Just saw that you were offered or are taking a job in Minneapolis center.

    I am currently in PUBNAT8 waiting to hear for my geo pref. With my current situation I cannot accept a location other than Minneapolis.

    Just wondering if you have any insight on hiring that you may hear once you get to training or to the facility.

    Thanks in advance for any help
    I'll be at Kim's Place. She seems pretty cool, and you can't beat included groceries, etc. save some of that food money!
    I'm going to be at Kim's Place Nov 12th. I was offered the Oct 29th class, but had prior engagements. I'll see you there.
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