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  • Haha, no I wasnt in a sorority. Know a few girls, though. And my bf was in a fraternity.

    Its probably better to go CTI anyway and get some knowledge about ATC. I got picked up Pub5 and Im still waiting...so youre right, you will get farther CTI, lol.
    Its good. Its my last semester. I graduated from UNF last April and started FCCJ after that. Im really liking my classes...we're doing non-radar now and its cool. Kinda confusing, but good.

    Hows Broward?

    CPC Range: 45-53 CPCs on Board: 51CPCs Selected: 0CPCs Released: 2CPCs Eligible to Retire: 8Total Developmentals: 6Developmental Ratio: 11.76% Manager/Supervisor Total: 17Admin Total: 2Total Staffing: 76 Operating TRACON Positions: 24Operating Towers Positions:
    CPC Range: 77-95 CPCs on Board: 69CPCs Selected: 0CPCs Released: 1CPCs Eligible to Retire: 18Total Developmentals: 35Developmental Ratio: 50.72% Manager/Supervisor Total: 29Admin Total: 3Total Staffing: 136 Operating TRACON Positions: 16Operating Towers Positions: 7
    It does seem like the scenarios and letter factory can be pretty mind numbing...did you want to pull your eyeballs out after playing the games that long? I'm sure you did just fine. I take mine next Monday. I'll keep you posted.
    I just moved here from VA for my wife's job. I've been in aviation for 10 years and have always wanted to do ATC. Saw PUBNAT-8 at just the right time so thought I'd make a go of it. I take the test NOV. 9th in Daytona. Let me know how it goes. Good luck! We just moved out of an apartment near UNF (Butler and Kernan) and into a house off of Gate.
    spinpilot....I take it you are from Jacksonville? I just moved to Jax a few months ago. What's your story?
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