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    Part-time / Job Share GSP, AVL, CLT

    I also know a person. Same exact situation.
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    MCAS Cherry Point, NC

    Most DOD bids are spoken for already. They already know who they gonna hire before they put the bid out. Apply for the FAA and leave the BS behind
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    Maintain VFR at or Above 8000

    Lmao some controller Probly had a ton of deals
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    RPO Strike 2018

    Contract companies are shady as hell. Serco was the reason I left serco
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    IFR Priority?

    Class C is 500 feet or green in between. Class D and E, don’t trade paint
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    Trainee in Need of Advice

    Almost sounds like you’re a tower trainee at my facility
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    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    Man all that seems too complicated for me lol
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    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    4th line.... I’m curious what that looks like. We only use 2 in our Tracon with the Y and H block time sharing info
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    Line and Wait at Night

    And then they were the first one to get the waiver
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    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    This... i use November up until I have to repeat myself and I use full C/S and A/C type. After that, I move on cause I’m apparantly not important. I don’t care if you’re blowing thru final lmao
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    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    Cause I always call a Mooney a bonanza and vice versa
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    Government Shutdown?

    So what’s the latest? Read Schumer is making it difficult to prevent the shut down. I also think it will shut down
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    2018 Pay

    Says “Dallas-Fort Worth, TX-OK” that mean OKC getting DFW locality? If so, that’s a big pay increase for me since we fall under RUS
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    Tower Vectors and VFR Departures

    I worked at a busy contract tower class D and we would never let an A/C just do whatever he wants if it causes a RA. I now work at a fairly busy lvl 8 up/down with class C airspace and same goes here. We have certain headings we don’t allow a VFR A/C to fly (protect the finals and other airspace...
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    Tower Vectors and VFR Departures

    Why doesn’t the tower say “remain (east,north,west,south) of the finals” or “do not cross final centerline, traffic...”