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    Huge Descision

    ColtsATC, got to meet your SW area manager at PV, Gary something. Seems like a nice guy. Big on phraseology. The three of us will be at ZID the week after next to start learning maps. I hear, from the manager training is frozen to t Eram. How many people in training do they have at ZID? Just...
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    Enroute vs. Terminal

    ZID is one of the busiest centers in the nation. I wouldn't depend on a slow paced job there. The center is located at the airport. Lots of nice places to live around the area. Training is frozen at the moment due to the CPC's getting Eram training. Enjoy your trip into ATC.
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    PV Sucess Stories

    Re: pv'd today Our enroute class PV'd on Friday. 18 of 18 made it. It was close. ZID students were advised by the manager that came here for the PV that training was froze at ZID due to the Eram training for the CPC's. We had 5 VRA and 13 OTS students.
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    new contract?

    If we get Randy Babbitt as an admistrator, chances are good on a new contract this year. The guy is a union advocate.
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    Continental 3407 Crashes NY

    It's to bad that other pilots didn't speak up about the rhime ice earlier, if there was any. Sounds like it may have had something to do with the incident.
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    Jumpseat/Travel Benefits (FAM)

    It was CEO Krakowski that said it was on the table.
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    What are the main reasons / factors that will allow an OTS to land a level 12 fac.

    Couldn't agree more with the comments, "check your attitude at the door", "thick skin", and "listen to the CPC's and learn".
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    I applied while on active duty

    Re: I applied They are selecting from 85% and higher ATSAT scores at this time. Good luck.
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    Calling all Hired Controllers with 1-2+ years Exp. already

    I've been a little concerned that there would be some problem with being PATCO member returning to work. I've talked to a several PATCO members here at the academy and many NATCA members that here as well. Most all are retired and instructing. I've got nothing to complain about. We get along...
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    Calling all Hired Controllers with 1-2+ years Exp. already

    Even the military started somewhere, I presume off the street when they entered the military.
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    Calling all Hired Controllers with 1-2+ years Exp. already

    All those real controllers were off the street at one time or another. No big deal.
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    Calling all Hired Controllers with 1-2+ years Exp. already

    It's true, the perception with others in my class and myself is that Stuck Mic is really a pre hiring forum, and not really useful for anyone after they leave OKC. I know that before the change of ownership, it got pretty hot with controversy between different groups. I haven't seen any of that...
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    Impeach FACREP??

    How many members want to impeach the facility representative? Is it a large percentage of the local? If so, put a petition together and have those members sign it. Submit it to the national office for resolution. I would think that there is a procedure in the contract for this type of situation...
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    Phase Two Map

    I don't know if this map came through as an attachment.
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    Good luck.