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  • Hello,

    My name is Matt McClement. I was referred to you by a co-worker in regards to the FHU opening that I just applied for. Do you happen to have any additional information on the slot or slots?

    I used to live in Tucson Arizona and would love to get back out that direction permanently. Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for your time and happy Thanksgiving,

    Hey Curtis its Michael AKA (Head). How have you been? Im out January 30th and hoping to get a DOD gig like you. Take care big guy.
    hey this is tankssp(ryan). just put in a thread about lat moving. like i said i am a 03 and want to move over to atc. you said you were gonna go see the monitor next week.. i plan on putting my package in around july time frame.cause my planner said i had to be on station for 18 months b4 i could put a lat move package in.witch puts me at july. i have a clean record. and my 8 year mark is july 2012.. if you could please let me know what he says and what you thing. please email me or if he would like to email me at thank you very much ssgt
    I heard that as well as far back as the end of Jan. I just dont see how it's two months since, and no calls have gone out. I think there's something more to it, like a lack of funds....
    Hey, do you know the status of the 29 Palms positions? Even Yuma? I applied for Yuma but did not realize it was a range control job. They are all 2152's right? (Just got out of the Navy in January)
    So now I'm going to start CTI school in the summer. It'll only take me a year and then I'll either join the Air National Guard or the Navy reserves (since my RE code is 1 I can join at any time).

    It's funny how the FAA says I'm ok but the military didn't even though it's the same job. I'm 25 so I have to hurry!! I feel like time is not on my side!!
    Well, I graduated from basic training, but two days before I was to graduate I was told that I couldn't pass the flight physical because of heart surgery I had when I was a baby. The navy had given me a waiver to join, but the flight surgeon said the only way I could get a waiver to do ATC was if I had already been doing the job. Since I was an initial candidate I couldn't apply for the waiver. I waited about a month in the holding unit for another job, but since the Navy's so full (and they didn't really offer me any jobs I was interested in) I had the option of leaving since the Navy couldn't honor my contract. When I got out, I went to another flight surgeon who told me my heart surgery wouldn't be a problem for the FAA and he gave me my second class medical certificate. I contacted another FAA flight doctor in Oklahoma who also told me it wasn't going to be a problem and that I wouldn't need a waiver or anything, and to go ahead and apply for a CTI school if that's what I wanted.
    That's cool man. Yeah i'll be out in May and have applied already. The announcement closed two weeks ago so hopefully i'll be hearing something soon. Good luck over there. Make sure you go and visit Tombstone, its a pretty cool place. Tell Mr. Harrell I said hi.
    Hey dude,

    Well I did have to see an Army doc. The physicals they do are pretty similiar to USN/USMC. I was working in Salina, KS with Midwest ATC so I just went down the road about 45 mins to Fort Riley to get it done. Been visiting San Diego for the last few weeks and gettin on the rd in a bit bound for Sierra Vista. I start on the 14th and am anxious to plug back in. You out soon? Applied at FHU?
    I doubt it if you know me. I was an Instructor (Navy) when the school house was in Millington. I know a few Marine Instructors from then (92-96). The tidbits are area of coverage...NLC had a nice layout. It showed current airspace, patterns etc! Is the CERAP 24hrs? I see the TWR is 7:30 - 22:30 and so forth. Thanks again!
    Kurtis, Is there anywhere online that you can find out about the airspace and other tidbits of information?
    Right on man. Thanks. Yeah I have been following that job pretty close but the latest rumors were that it was pretty much a dead end until they got funding. Guess ill just keep my eyes and ears open.
    I am great. We are in Dallas now and loving it. I interviewed for a job at New River two weeks ago, but never got a call back. I don't feel God pulling us in that direction though. I miss the old crew terribly, but we all have to grow up sometime. Concerning children, we miscarried at 9 weeks unfortunately, but no worries Jennifer has rebounded and we are trying again. I hope you and Nicole are well and living life to the fullest. Jennifer and I are truly happy and God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and friend. Let me know if you are ever near Dallas. We would love to see you guys. Take care and tell the Sun Baked Yumans I said hello.
    I've already thought about that. It would seem that I would have a contact up here but that SSgt is already using his buddy as a way in so just in case if he can only help out one then I want to do all I can to help myself get in there. As for the TOL like I said I've already thought about that and I would absolutely look into transferring it to you.
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