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  • No, Honolulu has a tracon not sure what level and Hilo both has tracons and is a level 7 facility. Are u in Hawaii now?
    CRP was a very very nice facility with nice controllers/management. The ATM is very down to earth. I was selected for CRP, but went a different route. If I had gone there, I have no doubt I would be loving it. Thx about the car list! :)
    Yeah, they're really cool there. The ATM is super nice, but she expects effort for sure. It seems like a great place to control traffic.
    I'm not sure. I'm picked for Louisiana and SHV was in the file name of my TOL. I hope it's SHV, because not having to move would be fantastic.
    I am A CCBC CTI/CTO Graduate currently into selection process, just playing the waiting game. :/
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