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  • Yeah man, they're legit. Just won the 6th straight JD Power award, best in the country. Boo yeah. Plus, free TV and all you can eat snacks.

    Speaking of getting in soon... EM just offered a bunch of us redirects. We'll see if mine goes through, since it's a guaranteed FY11 start date. Hey, I'll take it.
    So were you like, "United 293, Cincinnati ground, cleared to blah blah blah via blah blah blah AND ALSO IT'S MY FIRST DAY WOOOOO!" ...cause you should've done that.

    Yeah, B6's pretty good to work for in the meantime. Downside is that seasonals only get to fly on JetBlue for free, and they don't go anywhere convenient from Seattle. So I'm going to badger every Congressmember I can until they finally pass that FAA Reauthorization bill... get this training going man.

    BTW, if anybody keels over dead in CVG, lemme know and I'll put in for a transfer.
    Haha. Bout time. How'd it go?

    Yeah, JetBlue's taken me on for a seasonal job. Depending on how long the FAA takes, I might reapply for a permanent one, at least till I finally start the Academy. Glad you made it through the PV just fine.
    That's hilarious. You just flew across the country in one day because you had nothing to do? ...actually, that sounds exactly like something I'd enjoy doing.
    Btw, do you know what kind of limits they've got on how often you can non-rev? I know I'll hear about it sooner or later, but I've been wondering... I mean... I've got this picture in my mind of just randomly hopping onto planes to obscure little towns for fun on off days, but I'm sure it's not exactly like that.
    Yeah... no flights out there yet. They've been expanding, but with the way air traffic has been lately, it won't happen in the near future. Course, at the way training has been lately, maybe I'll still be working for them when they do... ha.

    GO TO RUDY'S NOW BIYYYATCH. I'll PayPal you the money if that's what it takes. I'm telling you. There's no BBQ like it. Remember... unicorns. Leprechauns.
    Nah, I gotta leave the Census gig to go train. Too bad, because they pay a ton... $19.50 for the supe position I had. But it's short term, and I'd rather take a pay cut to work for an airline anyway. It's airport ops, and they're big enough that I don't have to toss bags... everything else. It's a job. I'll non-rev like crazy.

    Have you eaten at Rudy's yet? I'm going to fly down there and shove brisket down your throat if you haven't. I mean it, go eat there or I'll start changing your posts to things about unicorns and leprechauns.
    2 weeks till PV. That's crazy. How's Tower training been so far? Built an Academy airport on your dining room table? And hey, would you do Kim's again? Isola Bella hooked me up with a free TV and all, but Kim...

    Nothing much happening here. Started training as a Census crew leader this week. It's incredibly dry, but it pays well. Oh yeah, and my background check for jetBlue finally cleared; they say that I should be headed to training in two weeks. Hey, it's something to do... especially considering that I may be in for another two years wait. Course, we're not thinking about that.

    Got a place lined up to live in yet?
    Nah, they got one there in OKC. I don't know exactly where -- just saw the billboard when we passed through. Or maybe the place itself, not sure. They're attached to gas stations a lot of the time. The brisket is incredible. So's the sauce, the chopped stuff, the ribs, the chicken, the creamed corn, the sweet tea -- just get there already. Man, I'd buy it for you if I were down there, just because you have to experience it for yourself... so good.
    Hey, you gone to Rudy's yet? Texas BBQ, man... the best kind. Make it a priority before you get weighed down too heavy with class, I'm telling ya. And have it with a Shiner.
    Wow, man, that was fast. Can't believe you're already through Basics. So you built yourself a little airport on your table at home yet? Practicing pushing around shrimp boats?

    Seattle's all right. Weather's been good -- they say it's been the mildest winter for a long time, so guess it's breaking us in easier. No word yet on a job. Still waiting to hear back on a full interview with jetBlue. They're dragging their heels. May have to start looking outside of aviation... gag.
    Its got ups and downs. I'm not used to all this rain, man. The ground is always wet here. Coffee's good, though. Lemme know when you want some shipped to you.
    Sweet. Good to hear.

    I'm already in Seattle, got in a little over a week ago. We've got a good place that overlooks Renton Municipal, where Boeing has the plant for the 737's. Pretty sweet. Still looking for work, but I heard that Obama just put in the new budget and it's actually more than last time around, with a provision for some immediate cash. Might be good news...
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