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  • I know that as far as DOD jobs go down here you have to work at Eglin or Hurlburt, right now neither one is hiring. But I think that some time in 2011 they will be hiring more civilians at Eglin but that is subject to change. As far as who to know, you have to apply to USA JOBS and most of the mangement here is leaving soon so there will be new people in a few months. If you want to check back with me on here in a few months, say around May, I could possilby give you a name of someone to talk to.
    hi, I noticed that you said in the forumn that you were stationed at Eglin for 4 years, I'm stationed at Cherry Point right now, actually about to go on terminal and I was moving to Destin, just wondering if you knew any contacts in that area as far as atc employment or just somebody I could talk to, I know to get hired on here at cherry point there is only 1 man you need to know and he'll get you in, not sure if its like that everything or not being as this was my first and only station. Anyways thanks man
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